Naim app / Tidal issues

Me, too. Spoke to Naim this morning who said it was a Tidal problem, but they are aware of it …

On iOS not working. It starts to be annoying :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Last time there was an issue with Tidal
The software Update was told by Naim that it Would solve the problem. And it did …But what now ??

But it’s frustrated that Tidal change codes and positions so often with apple platforms or what it is…And Naim products brake down

Me too - irritating!


And CD never dies

Mines stopped working as well.


Same here.

Me too! However Tidal works normally on my Windows PC (ie not using Naim App or Naim Unity Star). Very frustrating and hopefully resolved soon.

Same here… Noooooo not again…!! :frowning:

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I hope Naim will reimburse us as it’s a paid subscription which is now useless if I can’t use it through my Nova?


Same here .

So it’s not just me! Tidal not working via the app but am listening via the tidal app through my Star. I thought it was just my Star going wrong again.

Same here!!!

Unfortunately I have the same problem since today.

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The issue is probably going to affect all devices running the Naim app on iOS, and will surely get fixed soon.

The question is never “Is the web site/service broken?”; it’s “How is it broken?”

Music withdrawal is no fun…

Same here but only since yesterday when I updated my ipad to 12.3.1

Me too…

Same in here. Using Unity Atom HD. Im without tidal for 6 hours yet. Hope they will fix it soon :pray:t2:

Hi Gents,

Tidal have applied the fix on their servers and service is back up and running again.

For clarity this issue affected all iOS app users who use the Tidal service via the Naim app.

Apologies for the inconvenience. We reacted as fast as we could to diagnose what was wrong and discuss with the Tidal team.

With regards

Steve Harris
Software Director