NAIM App - UPNP Server not found

I’m using the NAIM App with MUSO 2nd Gen.

My main source of music is a uPNP server hosted from my Netgear wireless router. The MUSO has no problems accessing this device and playing music.

The problem I am having is that uPNP discovery within the NAIM app on Android appears to be extremely hit and miss. Presently I have 3 Android devices with the app on and only one can see the uPNP server. I have VLC media player installed on all of these devices and it see’s the uPNP server immediately without any issues.

I have restarted app & device, cleared cache and re-installed but this does not appear to resolve issue.

Any suggestions?

p.s. iPhone hosted app finds uPNP server pretty reliably.

Some Android devices have timing issues with the SSDP message handling that the Naim app uses to find the Media Server.

1 This can also be caused by the way your WAP (Wireless Access Point) handles SSDP messages and other Broadcast messages. Sometimes this can be overcome by disabling IGMP filtering (but in some WAPs / Routers this still doesn’t help).

2 There also seems to be a problem with how these timing issues interact with the internal timings of the Naim app (hence other apps don’t necessarily show the same symptoms).

Thanks. Will do some digging on that. I’m not sure if it is relevant, but all the Android devices that presently have problems have at some point been able to access the media server.

That’s the nature of timing issues, they’re inconsistent; even very minor changes can result in major differences of behaviour.

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