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Anyone else not enthralled with the Naim app since Focal showed up? I feel like I have to keep starting from scratch all the time and get asked to share app analytics / feedback constantly.

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No issues with the new app and use it for my ND5XS2 and Uniti 2…hasn’t changed much, except for the cool little pic of the components on the selection menu. Haven’t had any requests for analytics either…I’m feeling a bit left out on that one (not) :wink:

No real issues here either, occasionally I might have to flick past the Naim/Focal bit but very rarely and tbh it’s no big deal.

Generally I find the app itself works fine, it connects to my Asset media server perfectly and does everything I need it to. And the updated component pics are nice.
I have a tracker blocker on my device and it shows the app sends data (116 attempts so far today) to Microsoft (17 data points) and Functional Software (22 data points). There’s no mention of these companies in Naim’s privacy policy so presumably they come under the ‘trusted third parties’. But I don’t like MS collecting my Android Advertising ID, GPS co-ordinates and Cookies, nor FS collecting my Timezone and Device Boot Time amongst others.
To be fair, there’s many other apps that collect far more, the Naim app is pretty mild in comparison and the tracking appears to stop when the app is closed. And the data to Functional Software appears limited to the app and it’s interactions with the device installed on.

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I haven’t noticed any real difference in day-to-day usage. You do have the new front page for it which you can accidentally click back to sometimes, but once I did this a couple of times I worked out what I was doing and have not repeated this since. The saying “famous last words” will probably operate here now of course.

Absolutely no difference for me using Asset on a QNAP NAS, Qobuz, Internet radio, optical input and system automation, apart from the pretty picture of an ND5XS2!

Am I the only one that finds the ‘pretty picture of xyz’ to be a tad naff?

No you’re not alone, any tool such as an app should get the functionally bullet proof first & foremost, then do the pretty stuff.

I get thrown out of Tidal sometimes and have to sign back in, and it tells me I need to update my 272, even though it’s running the current software.
Basically, why can’t they just leave it alone, worked fine before. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


I’d think the pictures were pretty naff whatever the functionality.

It’s not as though they’re especially well implemented.
What was wrong with the old line (were they?) drawings?

/grump over

Odd really, one of the few things I prefer about the new app are the new pictures. I guess it just goes to show how shallow are my tastes.


I’d think Naim would stay out of this kind of thing. They should focus on great products on their functionality. Collect usage stats on the product itself, with customer permission, to see how it can be improved over time. App marketing trackers etc, seem completely shocking and improper, if true for a company like Naim. If true it would make me less interested in their products. Focus on great sound and great functionality, period.

I’m certainly fed up rejecting their privacy terms every time the app starts…

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There is a known bug here which Naim will fix in due time. Or you could just accept the privacy terms, like most of us, in which case you won’t be bothered with it again.

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Or they could fix the known bug to provide a better customer experience, especially given the cost of their products. I object to being nagged into clicking yes to sharing usage data.

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It’s only been known a short while. Anyway up to you.

To me the new application looks the same

I’ve also noticed it doesn’t show album artwork for me when playing via roon. Anyone else with this issue?

Another reason to return TO_Vinyl :laughing:


Slider control for Favourites lists on Android devices PLEASE.