Naim are truly fantastic and deserve a round of applause!

I would just like to thank Naim for producing truly fantastic products, a fantastic forum here, and a true pride of ownership! Thanks Naim!


I’ve had Naim electronics now for 15+ years. Never say never but I doubt I’ll change.

But it’s bigger than Naim. A couple of years back I travelled over to Suffolk for the Signals Hi-Fi Show and a couple of friends expressed surprise that I was travelling that far “to hear some speakers”! I explained that it was several fold. First it was social, you lot are a great bunch of nerds. Second no doubt I’d buy a bag load of records. But most it was supporting the (largely) UK Hi-Fi industry which most folks just don’t know about. It might be small but wow there are some great products out there that make great music.


And it was lovely to see you, meeting people from the forum is rather special for me. Not sure when a Signals or other hifi shows will be up and running, til the next time, take care.



Time for that Naim tattoo ?
Where would you put it ?


In or around one’s ears, surely?

Yes indeed, great sentiments Stephen, thanks.
Great product & that goes without saying, but need to add more customer focused & friendly than any other.
I’ve met a few fellow forum folk at shows, dealers & music events, also honoured to be invited to visits at HQ with the beta peeps & meeting the Naim techie folks at the rock face, that is something special.
It’s just nice to feel part of it all.


I never knew that NHS stood for Naim Health Service, but reading another topic is must be so.

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I am new in Naim Audio but I have to say that I stuck with the sound character from the first moment.
It is exactly what i was looking for.
For sure next time I visit Great Britain i will try to visit the Naim factory & say a great thank you to the people there.


It has to be organised by your dealer to visit the factory, it may be they could work with Naim to get you added to a UK dealer tour?

Thank you mate.
I will have that in mind.

I like Naim


I have been a happy citizen with Naim, while the software glitches which happen every now and then annoy me.

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Many thanks for starting an up-beat & energising, positive post Stephen. Nice to have some balance on the Forum!

Like you, I’ve had many great aural experiences over my 8 years of ownership, and have nothing but praise for the Naim development team, the manufacturing & servicing wizards and the superb dealer that I have.

The Forum is also a great resource and whilst I don’t post so much nowadays, have been appreciative of the advice from some of the folks on here. The recent lack of politics has also been refreshing in an age when ‘social media’ pushes so much of this unwanted stuff in your face.

I hope to make a factory tour one day.



three of my fav words Linn, NAIM & Kudos - have two working on the third


@Stephen_Tate followed NAIM for 20 years, both up and down the ladder - fourm is a good place to expore the knowledge base with out the cost - made some good friends on here and a demo’s @LindsayM says

of course there are other options in the HIFI world but NAIM just works and with thier current product range it more than works for me



Fanboy :sunglasses:


Do try and get on a factory tour. I did one last year through Cymbiosis and it was very enjoyable and informative. You can really see the R&D and engineering that go into the Naim products.

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Let’s not go there!

I, for one, certainly agree with Stephen. The great thing about Naim is even the entry level Nait 5 Italic i, the Supernait and the pre/power combos, not to mention the streamers all deliver what I feel is my kind of sound. Even the Muso shows some Naim traits albeit not enough for my liking. All from my own experience.


I purchased a Muso Qb for my youngest son a couple of years ago and he really, really likes it a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:

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