Naim at the Bristol Show 2020

Is there any news on what will be on show and if / how to book any demo sessions please?

Kudos will be demoing an ‘integrated’ active system involving a SN3, 250DR, NDX2, SNAXO 2 x HiCapDRs and Titan 707s. Interesting……

Naim will have the Statement with other stuff on demo.

As usual you have to go up to the Mezzanine level where Naim Uniti stuff is to pick up a ticket for hourly demos. Well that has been the regime for the last few years and I assume it will e the same this brae.


Chord are saying they have something special for Naim fans…


hahahaha. You mean like a Dave in a Classic box? :smiley:


It will be a chord switch, from what I read elsewhere.

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Nigel, may be worth passing the Qobuz stand , they might have some deals on ?

Take my :moneybag: I’ll have 2 :sunglasses::+1:


Gazza, do you mean Kudos stand?

BTW, are you going to the Bristol show?

Not going we are away for a short break. I did mean Qobuz, they might have an introductory subscription offer or a 3 month trial. Might be worth a look if you are think of going over to Qobuz.
The Kudos demo sounds interesting.

Good point about intro deals with Qobuz, I shall have a look. Might also have a quick look at Kudos stand also. :wink:

Have a good break.

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At this years Bristol show, Naim tell me they will be running ‘open-door’ demos in the main Executive Lounge – no tickets this year! – showcasing our streaming platform, including the latest Qobuz update, in a must-hear, Statement-powered system.

The Mu-so 2nd Generation family will also be on demonstration on the Terrace level, alongside a sales area for Naim Records, including some fresh vinyl pressings of popular albums.

If you’re at the show on Saturday, you’ll be able to experience the Naim for Bentley system in the new Flying Spur – demonstrated by yours truly!

Naim products are also being used by a range of other exhibitors at the show. The full show guide is now online, which has more info:


I see no mention of an updated 272. A shame.

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Statement demo so I believe. Book tickets for the demo at the venue - first come, first served. You can book demos for Linn on the Bristol Show website - choice of LP12 or Sreaming!

I wonder if they will be using speakers that make music rather than providing a full on sonic assault. Hmm…


Wait for Munich.

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You could always just relax in the back of the Bentley while your Chauffeur Mr Richard Dane drives you around Bristol listening to your favourite music.


Only if he is wearing a suitable cap.

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However HH would certainly ask to replace the Bang and Oflusen speakers by mini SL2 :star_struck::crazy_face:

I am trying to book trains and hotel…now !!
Oops best ask the wife if I can go first, but I’d promise to leave my Credit Cards at home
Lets hope its a yes, always wanted to go

I’m will be at the show on Friday. Anyone else going to be there on Friday?

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