Naim Audio SBL Tweeters and Driver

Naim SBL tweeter replacement. I just wanted to confirm about the difference between D2008 8511 and D 2008 851100 tweeters as I have naim sbl and tweeters needs to be replaced. I am not able to find D2008 8511 as 851100 is available. Secondly suggest some upgrades as i am using Naim SBL Mk1

I think they’re the same thing.

The best upgrade for MK1 SBLs was to fit later Naim mid/bass drivers in place of the M-S items. Unfortunately Naim no longer make these and I think their stock of spares are now exhausted. However, they can be found secondhand, and a cheap and tatty pair of Credos could provide a pair, albeit they won’t be the selected or matched ones that were fitted to SBLs, but after so long it probably does not matter so much.

New crossovers, although I don’t know whether Naim still have these available. You could consider a ‘service’ with the fitment of new NACA5 and plugs.


Does the same apply to SL2s @Richard.Dane even though my SL2s are perfect its always nice to know options for the future.

Yes, the mid/bass drivers were essentially the same, just specially selected and matched as pairs for the SL2s. Hopefully though there should be no reason to need to replace the mid/bass drivers in SL2s unless you accidentally blow one up.

Beware though, I’ve seen Intro mid/bass drivers being sold online as SBL drivers. They aren’t - they are quite different in spite of looking very similar.

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Thanks Richard. Hopefully many more years of SL2 enjoyment without changing a thing :slightly_smiling_face:

When Jason replaced my SL2 tweeters last year I asked about the mid / bass drivers. He said exactly as Richard, that they were in fine fettle even though 20 years old and as long as they are not driven so hard they blow there wouldn’t be any need to replace them.
Of course, the tweeters are another matter and over time they get quite badly degraded. This is what mine looked like when Jason replaced them:

And this was the replacement:


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