Naim Audio SNAIC 4 PIN to 5 PIN Interconnect lead

Hi! I hope I’m not breaking any community rules, but it’s difficult to find 4-5 snaic online. There aren’t many items on eBay that ship to Serbia. Any ideas on where I might look? I already have one for Stageline, but I need another for DAC V1. Since they are selling new equipment and don’t seem to care much, the local dealer (there is only one) doesn’t seem to care about one cable.

Is it really a SNAIC you want? If you’re wanting an interconnect for your DAC V1 then it’s an interconnect rather than a SNAIC you need. Naim make a 4-5 interconnect - see picture here.

Your Naim dealer can order one in. See here:

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Yes, that is the one I loo for. Do you know of any online retailers or perhaps a good place to look?

Try someone like Tom Tom Audio to start with (hopefully they can ship to Serbia). They have an online shop so look under Naim cables > Interconnects and you’ll find the 4-5 Interconnect cable.

Yes, thanks James, looked at their website, but they dont ship outside UK…

There is a shop in Novi Sad selling Naim kit. Check out their website.

Paul thanks, didnt know that there is one in NS. Do you know name of shop or have web adress

Audio plus. They come up on the Naim dealer/distributor search.

Just spoke with Audio Plus; they don’t have one, and the importer is away but should be responding to emails. I received a response from the distributor of Naim in Belgrade “” that is illogical in terms of pricing and delivery schedule.

Pretty sure the part number you want us a 00-10-0094 (that’s a 1.25m length standard din to din interconnect 4 pins to 5 pins). Hopefully you can locate a dealer happy to ship to you.

Robet thanks, it will hellp in my search. Is there a diffrent number for this interconnect but later model as many refer as “black”?

You need to ask for a 4-5 interconnect. It’s not a SNAIC. SNAICs did originally come in grey, the later ones black, so maybe this is where the confusion is coming from. Robert has given you the correct part number to ask for.

Does that mean that it’s more money than you want to pay? :wink:

If you are patient you may find a genuine Naim cable on eBay.
Alternatively there are cable brands such as Chord, Witch Hat, Designacable and Blue Jeans who can supply Naim compatible cables.

While you are searching you could use an RCA cable if you want to use the V1 instead of waiting. Naim recommend using DIN where possible for optimum sound quality, but an RCA cable will still work.

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I got that, James. I used the code Robert provided and found few online. And in the meantime, I got in touch with a buddy in the UK who would handle shipping to his address and send it over to me. Many thanks to everyone for your assistance!!

Good result :+1:

Everywhere I looked, the price was excessive for what it cost, and the length of time it took to arrive was equally absurd.

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