Naim Boxes from Dublin to New York

Hope all had a nice Christmas.

I have call in to Naim on the 2nd but just wanted to get your thoughts if you don’t mind.

Basically, I was supposed to move home to Ireland pre Covid so I bought 272/250 DR/XPS DR in Dublin (Cloney Audio) on layaway. I finished paying for all in July. Sat in my brother’s attic for a month or two until Naim told me that wasn’t ideal. They are now with me in my spare bedroom while home for the Christmas.

On the fence about moving back presently.

Here are a few questions that I will be putting to Naim.

  1. I have the 3 new unboxed units out of the attic space but now taking up space in brother’s place. Best way to store them for a few years if I don’t bring them back to New York this year? Shrink wrap or …?
  2. If I ship the units to New York- The idea of converting to 110 and then potentially back to 220 maybe a couple of years later sounds annoying- time, shipping to a Naim distributor in N America for the work, costs, etc. Could I use a high end transformer in New York although Naim told me last year that would not work with the 272? I can’t remember the exact reason. I will be asking them on the 2nd regarding the 250/XPS. Obviously, converting the units internally is ideal. Also funds are little tight at the moment.
  3. If I do bring them back to New York, what’s the best way to prep them before firing them up.
  4. I could always sell them I guess but that would be depressing.

Any ideas to the above or any other considerations I should consider?

Enjoy the rest of the Christmas and new year.

Thanks Brian


I would have them switched to 110v before you ship out to the US and have them reverted to 240v if necessary when you / if you come back to UK or Ireland.

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You can get converters that take two 110v inputs (usually not just 2 side-by-side sockets but read the blurb) and convert that to 240v for your Naim boxes. However that can mean running an extension lead from somewhere else in the house - not ideal.

Getting a US electrician to make you a proper 240v supply for the hifi may well be cheaper than converting all the existing boxes and then converting back in a year or two.

Neither option will probably be as good a solution as converting the Naim boxes themselves, but may suit better if you really are likely to be back on this side of the Atlantic soon.

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It is pretty simple: send the units to Naim UK to get the voltage changed. I’m not familiar with the internals of your particular equipment but most likely it has a dual primary transformer so it is just a matter of disconnecting the 220V primary and connecting instead the 110V primary. There will be some inconvenience and cost in getting the amps shipped to and from NAIM UK and then to the US. Last time I checked the UK to US shipping cost for something like a Naim box is about 130 UKP. I would balance this against the “opportunity cost” of leaving them in Europe and not being able to enjoy the Naim system for a year or two, even if you moved again.


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That’s a tricky situation it being a pity you bought them at a time not suitable.
The other option although might incur some loss would be to sell it all and put the money in a safe place then reinvest in equipment later where the units will be under warranty for longer and in some cases might be specification altered for the better.
I don’t think I’d be in favour of all the voltage modifications to and fro and would certainly uncur good expense by modification and shipping.
If you sell them on then they are no longer a worry and might work out better for you.
No easy answer sorry.
Good luck. :+1:t2:


I had loads of Naim boxes stored for over 3 years in a room that was near freezing in winter and baking in summer but they all survived. If the room is dirty I’d seal them all in trash bags and tape, which is what I do for the empty boxes in the garage. Keeps dust, bugs, and moisture out.

If you’re unsure of your movements and location mid term, I’d buy a smaller system in the States and then deal with the Naim pile once you have an idea where you’ll end up. That’s what I did and that little interim system proved to be an absolute gem and a keeper.


I agree with Skeptikal, probably easier to sell and move on. I ran some non Naim equipment off a 110v/230v transformer for many years in the USA, which worked acceptably but it wasn’t exactly super tidy. The cost of changing the voltage may be worth it but in my case it was a complete transformer swap, plus shipping, blah, blah, so more trouble than it was worth.

I stored mine in my brother’s attic for 2 years while I lived in NY. Then they were in mine for a good few years.

Got them serviced upon resurrection and were/are fine.


Two clear earlier suggestions, move the (sealed?) boxes on - the original could be approached to help.
Too much uncertainty in the op to recommend anything else.
Two factors, first kit needs to be used. Second spec changes, shipping, customs will all add, so if not used right now, then sell and take the hit. Remembering to only buy, when plans and location are all settled.
Admire your enthusiasm for Naim kit, the issue though, buying before you changed continents, whatever caused your plans to change, was a risk. Probably made trickier by buying on credit; as often is the case, cut your loses. Good luck, somewhere your future is Naim!

Thanks for giving me so much to think about. Just sad €11,000 of brand new equipment to move on, just seems sad but I am giving your suggestions and others very careful consideration.

To briefly answer your query- Well Covid screwed up the whole idea of moving home from New York in 2020 and now there are other things giving me reason to ponder (better not go deeper :wink:)



Unfortunately you’re probably going to take a hit either way as what you have bought for 11k will alas fetch nothing like that now as it’s a previous series.

AFAIK, it’s through Cloney that you’d send them back to Naim through (although they did have access to a Naim certified technician, Dariusz, once so there may still be an in-house option).

I’d be surprised if the voltage change and shipping would be anything of the magnitude you’d lose selling them, it’s just the wrong time, there’s loads of people upgrading so the market is somewhat flooded.

Then if you were to come back in the future you could just sell them on in the US before you came home.

No chance of getting your brother addicted to the Naim sound?



Dont be put off converting them to 110v as the unit’s are already set up for this with the transformer inside them.
It’s just a case off 2 wires need to be sorted to half the transformer output. Plus the fuse will need changing, obviously it’s just as simple to convert back to 240 if needed.

Do you know for sure that the transformer primary has a split winding? I’m not saying that it doesn’t but the thought crossed my mind. In my case with a previous non Naim system there was no split on the transformer primary. If in doubt Naim will know of course.

If you look on the back off each box next to the mains inlet plug it will say the range and different fuse needed.
It’s just needs the windings off the transformer splitting for 110v

Thanks for everyone’s advice.

I think I’m going to somewhat reluctantly bite the bullet and bring them back to New York on the plane and concert to 110v. Also, here is monetary example why too. I bought the 250 DR for approximately €3,500 new. The current price of the same unit in America is $8,000-9,000 so I think I did okay.

Yeah it’s a hassle but a 250/272/XPS converted with my current Rega planar 6 lighting up my apartment will make it all worth it.


The Rega 6 might need more than a voltage change.
I recall one of my brothers moving to the USA and he needed to fit a whole new motor to his RP2 due to the USA using 60hz rather than the UK’s 50Hz.
Although he was able use a step-down transformer to the correct voltage, the turntable speed was rather too fast due to the 60Hz.

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Yes, AC motor turntables rely on the mains frequency, so moving from a country with 50Hz mains to 60Hz usually requires a different motor or a different sized pulley.


Be more than happy too look after your kit, would make a lovely 2nd system, :rofl:
But seriously if you where going to store them, find temperature controlled lock ups,
Is there No one in the family willing to look after your kit?
Good luck in your endeavours

Too late unfortunately :slight_smile:
I moved them last week so they are now sitting with me in New York while I debated how to deal with 250/272/XPS 220v. Based on cost of getting Naim to rewire each and the possibility I will move home in max 2 years, I am leaning towards a good quality step up transformer. If anyone has some brands to look at please let me know.