Naim CDX2, CDS2, CDS3 or other player

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the forum and am after some advice on CD players. I have built up my mainly Naim system over the last 3 years. I started with a CD5si and a matching Nait 5si. I moved on to a CB Nap 250 with Nac82 and 2 olive hicaps. I’ve since changed to 2 CB Nap135s. The amps have been serviced and upgraded. I’m using Focal Aria 936 speakers.

I have a ND5XS fed through a Teddy Dac which sounds superb. The CD5si still sounds good but not in the same league as the ND5XS. I also have an LP12 pre-cirkus with Lingo and Graham Slee phono stage which sounds amazing. I had the Akito tonearm rebuilt by audio origami and had the deck serviced.

So I am happy with my sources apart from the CD player which although good doesn’t match the quality of the other sources.

I have ordered a Zoneripper Max which is a NAS drive and CD ripper if you haven’t heard of it. I still want to retain a standalone CD player. I would either like a CD transport or a player that can be upgraded with a power supply.

I am considering the following CD players, all used:

CDX2.2 so I can use DAC

Densen b440xs
Simaudio Moon Neo 260D

I would appreciate your views and experience with the above players. I can get the Densen and Moon Neo for around £1200.

Many thanks,


Welcome Dan
Most will advise to go streaming only. (I also sold my CDS3 on). However to answer your question, arguably Naim have never released a new item that didn’t sound better than the previous model. So the CDX2.2 for you. The CDS2 and CDS3 will both require a power supply from day one.
As you have a Zoneripper Max on order I would first see how that all works out for you. Otherwise be advised the new streamers all sound better than the earlier models so a ND5XS2 or NDX2 (sell the ND5XS and the Dac) would be what I would (and did) do.
Good luck.

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+1 for cdx2.2

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Given that you use an LP12 I would probably go for a CDS3 myself. I find it sits well with my own LP12. There is also an argument to go for a top olive player in line with your electronics. Personally I don’t stream.


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A possible painful deadend, really depends on age, condition and availability of spares for repair.

Thanks everyone so far. I can get a CDS2 for £950, and matching olive XPS for £800. CDS3 prices range from £1400 to £1700 then it’s going to need an XPS. CDX2.2 £1950 and it will probably need an XPS to shine. CDS2 has new laser and mechanism fitted this year.

It’s a bit of a minefield as I can’t easily demo as all the cd players are for sale in the north of the country!

Some pics of system


I have a CDS3 with an XPS DR and it sounds fantastic. Total cost was about £3.5k. I am not sure if a spend of 3.5k on a Naim streaming product would equal the quality I hear so it would most likely be in valance with the rest of your system. I did have an XPS before the DR version and I was really impressed with what the DR did. No big change in sound, just a more involving experience.


Hi Steve, what’s the rest of your system? £3.5k is over budget but could get cds3 for £1400 and then the olive xps for now and look at upgrading later.

If the LP12 floats your boat I would strongly recommend opting for a cds3. I found there to be a great synergy between the two. That is what I had before changing to a cd555 but in honesty, I’d be happy reverting to the cds3 with xpsdr. For a bit more future proofing (and expenditure) you could opt for a 555ps, but that’s only if you want to leave options open for other devices in the future. Sometimes it’s fine to wait and leave the future to take care of itself!



I have a 552DR/300DR/SBL system but I had the CDS3 with a 282 also and it was still brilliant! CDS3 along with an Olive XPS I have not heard but imagine it will still be great.

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CDS3 with PS555 is superb, CDS2 with XPS is extremely fine. Sold on only because it could not be repaired in the US. CDX2 is very good and with XPS it comes close to the CDS2. My CD 3.5 was no slouch either.

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My piece on the CDP’s
1- Bare CDX2.2 is quite zingy in presentation to my ears (some like this), and siting is crucial, as this can elevate some brightness - this is all calmed down by the addition of XPS2/555PS - more detail/refinement - care the additional cost of an S-XPS burndy (IIRC). A good quality LP12 set-up should better it.
2- CDS2/XPS(2) - it’s better than (1) but I’d check with Naim re ability to service/replace the mech before buying. As others have said though, a CDS3 is a far better bit of kit - way back I dem’ed these side by side at home with 555PS (non DR) connected and the CDS3 was much smoother, detailed. Ditto on the mech/repair aspect. A CDS3/555PS (non-DR/DR) is a stonkingly good combo but at a price and 2nd hand 555PSs are pricey AFAIK.

3- CDS3/XPS(2) - as above - if you want something to match to the Linn and have an analogue-orientated sound, then this is the baby. But I would due diligence the package costs et al.

Obviously, any PS may require a service - the XPS models I think need every c.10Y - a 555PS goes longer (up to 15).

But before you get sucked in to the vortex of spend (which is fun!), do dwell on what you want the upgraded source for and the maintenance costs looking ahead, plus how much content you have now to play and what you may need to buy to enjoy the kit to its fullest. Sorry if this is sucking eggs - but I’ve been here.


Good advice from HL, above. I have owned and liked the CDX2 and CDS3 (which I bloody loved). I have heard a CDX2.2 and thought it a meaningful improvement on the original. I think it quite possible that you could enjoy one without psu.


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Thanks again for all the responses. I am narrowing it down between the CDS2 and CDS3 now. I’ve made an offer on the CDS3 and am waiting for seller to get back to me. The CDS2 has had new laser and mechanism and is from a dealer so that is tempting as well.

As for XPS, Looking at Olive one for £800.

Moderated Post: Dan, I’ve edited the last paragraph of this post. Please note forum rules - discussion of unauthorised modifications, which includes non-Naim power supplies, is not permitted. Use of 3rd party power supplies will, at best, not give you performance as intended by Naim, and at worst, may cause damage to other connected Naim equipment in the hifi system

Over the last 2 years I’ve been contemplating moving to a streamer but my CDS3/555 is just so fantastic I can’t get myself to make the move.



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Re CDX2.2 happylistener says siting is crucial. What siting is recommended to reduce brightness?

adding xps removes the brightness

Hi Lindsay,
I’m continuing to audition posh streamers and have finally found at least one that may tempt you away from the path of righteousness. More when I’ve heard it at home, rather than at a dealer via Kudos Titan 606 speakers … (more temptation there then!)

Best regards, BF

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just the name Bluesfan please ! you have listened to the dcs, chord , nd555. So another ? lumin? linn ds3? auralic ? Apl ? ch precision ? :exploding_head::thinking: