Naim CDX2 or Roksan Caspian M2 CD?

I have an offering for either the CDX2 from 2006 - for £694 (Dealer)

  • or the Roksan Caspian M2 CD for £571 (private listing)

I have had the CDX2 before and know what Im going into, but age/no service makes it kinda risky,
My old (now sold) CDX2 from 2007 had a service and got the laser mechanism changed in 2017, but thats not possibly anymore.

Never heard the Roksan - but reviews seems positive.

I use a Supernait 3.

Any thoughts?

If you know what to avoid (early SE models), I am sure you could get a Cyrus CDi for that kind of money.

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Believe it is now possible, again.


If someone other than Naim told you that, then I would check with Naim first.

Aye, I think VAM1202s were in stock back in August last year

Definitely worth a check with a dealer to be sure. Though that not necessarily helpful, just because they’re in stock today, doesn’t mean they might be if replacement is required.

Do you know for sure the Roksan can be repaired in the event of a failure? (Ooh, current model? I guess repairable if so X) )

Thank you, gentlemen.

If the CDX2 is serviceable - I will not hesitate.

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I have a cdx2, wonderful and I believe it has same top shelf dac chip as nds, NDac and 500 series… plus u can upgrade with xps-dr - that’s a good price and if it fails anytime soon the dealer is obliged to help u out… get the cdx2!!


Definitely contact Naim. The laser mechs are no longer available in the US.

Sound like a good price for a CDX2.
I hope Naim are now again able to support these great players.
I owned most of them included all three CDS range.
Went to Rega due the doorstop scenario.

I’ve heard good thing of recent Roksan players, never heard one though.

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Mine was replaced about 4 months ago.

What did you pay?

I can’t remember exactly - about 450€? This was done by Focal in France - Naim sent the mechanism from Salisbury.

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Thank you.

You can by the mech on eBay.
I wonder if its possible to DIY this?

Yes, lots on eBay, but I wouldn’t buy anything like that on there.


You can buy thousands of them, if you are lucky, you will have one which will play fine, but even no guarantee that it will last longer than 1 week.


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