Naim Chrome Bumper

Thank you, I made the investment all those years ago, and mostly because I ‘never had it so good’ since those days with regard to a well paid job again, and with a young family to look after, I never made changes to my HiFi system.

Indeed I think I am a fraud here on the forum as I have no experience or means to look at the triple fives and my contributions are firmly rooted in the past. I still have an interest, but really no means to step onto an upgrade path.

I might add that I think something of the simple charm of the Chrome Bumper series has been lost along the way, via the subtle changes in the Olive series to where Naim is sitting in the market place these days. Of course the world of recorded music has changed, and Naim has changed with the times.

As an older person I am allowed to say ‘it is not like the old days’!


That’s fine. The forum is here for Naim owners of all kinds, whether just using a Mu-So, or vintage Naim kit, or interested in Naim’s latest and greatest. There’s a place for everybody here.


Richard, thank you.

I would like, perhaps just once, to hear the latest and greatest Naim Statement system, with the best speakers Naim recommend, to see what is possible.

Many years ago when I was often visiting Jefferies HiFi in Eastbourne, the owner (can’t remember his name just now) invited me to hear his system on the Naim six pack, with his Lin LP12 and Linn Isobarak speakers, and his suggestion was always to play Ella Fitzgerald. However, sadly I never managed to accept his offer, another of those opportunities that over my lifetime slipped through my fingers!


Fraud? Nothing could be further from the truth. I would put a serviced chrome bumper 62/hicap/140 up against almost any classic piece in terms of prat, emotional connection to the music, livability, timelessness, etc. It’s a classic. With the CB NAT 02 that is one of the coolest systems I have ever seen in >20 years of lurking on the Naim forum.

What are your speakers and other sources?


Dan those CB 135s look tremendous.

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Thank you,

It is just most of the conversation is about the benefit of the upgrade path to the triple fives or even statement…

Indeed, the 62 / HICAP / 140 for me at least is a most satisfying system, and it has served me for 30 years.

I have Rogers Studio Monitor speakers, probably an unusual choice, but 30 years age they were well regarded. I also have LS/35a speakers used as alternative extension speakers, I have to swap the plugs on the 140 which is a bit of a bother as there is not much room behind the amp, and the NAC4 is a stiff cable.

I have an unusual turntable, the Alphason Sonata Gold with Atlas power supply, and the Alphason HR100S MCS tone arm with an Audio-Technicia AT OC7. Again, at the time it seemed a good idea as it was second hand ex-dem so quite a good price.

Thanks for the interest is a vintage system, still delivering the goods…


Thanks @snarfy I love the 135s. Not parting with those! Lol.

Hi. First post after following the forum for a couple of years. Bought my CB nait 2 in 1989 and shortly after bought a CB 140 and used the Nait as a pre amp. Loved this combo until I had a little more funds a couple of years ago. Bought a Nac 42 to use with the 140 and had the Nait converted back to an integrated. All 3 were serviced at Class A. I love using both versions with my 2 LP 12s and CD3. I haven’t heard any of the later Naim gear as it’s well out of my price range!! If anyone is interested my LP 12 specs are:- black ash non fluted. Pre cirkus with Ittok lv11. Afromosia fluted pre cirkus with basic plus. Various cartridges including k18,k9,AT150mlx,AT95. I’ve also bought an olive 72 and Hicap to use with the CB 140 and couldn’t be happier as going back to the 1990s it was my dream to own such gear!! Speakers are also from 1989:- Monitor Audio MD 452s. I’ve heard modern speakers at Crannage but other than the Kudos 505 I wouldn’t swap them and they cost around 7k!!


…a beautiful looking turntable!

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This takes me back. I bought exactly this set up with an LP12 in 1984 and used them continuosly until 2001. I had them serviced (£140) and then sold them to a colleague for more than I had originally paid for them. He still uses them today, 35 years on and they still sound great! I have moved up the Naim upgrade path over the years, but in my heart this is the system with which I have had the most fun, and the LP12 is still very much alive and kicking. Quality counts.


Thank you,

Yes, beautiful, and with unusual features to overcome the typical turntable problems: massive cast iron sub-chassis to hold the sleeve bearing, the platter had a axis pivot tipped with a tiny tungsten ball which rests on a ball in the bottom of sleeve and rotates in an oil bath, three adjustable suspension points with the sub platter suspended, (accessible from the top of the turntable, no need for a jig to adjustment), and two motors. The addition of an external Atlas PSU improves matters, and some think this design was the first of the type, and therefore predated the Linn Valhalla/Lingo, which some have suggested is a copy of the Alphason design.

It is an easy turntable to live with, and good to look at…


Just listening to my old CB NAC42, NAP90. Linn Kan II’s, iMac, Audioquest Dragonfly Black playing a Klaus Schulze MP3 download. Not High End but certainly Hi-Fi.


Just bought a pair of CB135s, having great fun with them at the moment.


Rest of system?

I still use my Nat 101 / Snaps bought from new in 1986 ( recently serviced by Darren at Class A ).
The CDS / CDPS is still giving wonderful service.




Where it all began…sort of anyway


A few more out of rotation…


Very nice little collection there, Varyat. What are the last two, the bolt down and Chrome Bumper big amps - NAP250, NAP160?

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NAP250 - my last CB item :slight_smile:


Yes, bolt down 160 and CB 250… fully serviced but a bit dusty!

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