Naim Chrome Bumper

Ah, I see. Will investigate further, I have a 1991 Sony TC-K870es but this looks abit too modern. Will look at the models suggested but I think a Dragon might be a bit of a stretch for the old budget :wink: many thanks!

I wasn’t wild about the TCK870ES - it seemed to promise more than it actually delivered in sound performance. Same with the TCK700ES I also I had. My BX300 was a lot more enjoyable.

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Thanks Richard, interesting to hear your thoughts. maybe not the ultimate in SQ but it’s a fun deck to learn how to make a proper recording and generally mess about with hifi :grin:

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Problem is it’s getting more and more difficult to find a reputable place to service them since the sad demise of B&W.

Great score! I saw the listing and was deterred by the golding. I assumed a new fascia would be impossible to come by.

I see your gold box and raise you one…

Sold mine this week after 32 years in the family [sniff]


Wow, the silver has turned almost orange with those! I reckon it looks rather good like that and it shows that these two have definitely remained a pair throughout their lives.


I always lusted after a Neal cassette deck.
No idea how often these comes up or if anybody can service them.?

You see them around from time to time.

I have a Neal 103 with the Wollensak mechanism. It still performs surprisingly well. Back in the day Stereo magazine in Germany did a 3 way test comparison between the Neal 103, the Nakamichi 500 and the Pioneer CT-F9191 and the Neal basically came out on top.

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Richard is there any gear you have NOT owned?? The depth of your collection has got to be unsurpassed!


Plenty has been through my hands. I’m trying hard not to take on more bits these days (not so successfully), but every now and then someone local gets in touch to tell me they’re looking to get rid of something they’ve had for years but not using any more or they’re about to take something to the recycling centre but would I be interested in it. I find some kit really hard to resist - especially if it’s been owned form new and still with the box and all the bits (a sure sign of careful ownership) and there was once a time when cassette tape players and reel to reels were seen as worthless and were unceremoniously dumped, so I felt it my duty to save them.


I understand completely! It must be difficult to resist especially when people are finding you.

If you find a decent condition chrome bumper SNAPS you know where to find some end users :smiley:

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True, but that would be in direct violation of forum rules…

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It did spring to mind and no intentions of violating those, but you have to agree that it is a great shame that there is possibly alot of great kit out there to be had and difficulty to reach out to people that are not selling it

There are a number of hifi sites on the internet, some international if you wanted to buy from Europe. German sites often have Naim kit including CB items.

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Hi. Yes I know of some of them and of course possibly I’m speculating (Maybe not because my CBs were in the cupboard for nearly 20 years ) that there is alot out there that can be passed on for others to enjoy. Would also bring in alot more business for the service departments…just a thought

The reasons for keeping the forum sales free are well established. Naim feel the best place to buy any Naim equipment, whether new or secondhand, is from one of the many established reputable dealers who carry the brand. Furthermore, it would be nigh on impossible to police adequately while keeping the forum free of any outside commercial interest. And consider that any dispute or issue with an item sold on the site and Naim might well feel obliged to step in - it’s a potential minefield.


Yes upon reflection what you write makes alot of sense. I will approach a few dealers that I know and let me know if and when something comes available.

I phoned around the UK Naim dealers about 3-years ago looking for 160s. Didn’t find one but did land a nice one-owner 32/110 with original boxes which then went off to Class A. It’s often luck - this pairing was about to be part-ex’d so the dealer gave me first refusal when they arrived.

EDIT: Just remembered this is how I got my CB250 as well. Both power amps ‘needed’ a service though - neither was firing on all cylinders. Think the 250 was buzzing and the 110 was sounding very tired having never been serviced in about 35 years. Both dealers had been open about the situation though and you can’t be too choosey with so few examples around, not unless you’re very patient. The 250 was mint and described by the dealer as “the best one he’d seen in years with one lady owner” :slight_smile: