Naim Covid-19 Business Continuity Plan

I would be curious to learn about the Business Continuity Plan of our favourite consumer goods manufacturer and their distributors and retailers network.
Should we expect much longer lead times or delays with all associated risks?
(I am in for a major upgrade and starting to wonder)

I know some of the marketing and business support admin staff are working from home and the canteen is closed, though i think sandwiches etc only. But they are still making product, for the time being.

Everybody at the Naim factory are still beavering away although I’m told it’s now closed to visitors for the time being.

As for product availability and delivery times, much will be down to local logistics, so outside the UK it’s probably best to liaise with your dealer or local distributor. For UK customers, again, best contact is via your dealer. For example I note that a number of dealers are actively advertising through social media that they are very much open for business, even if it has to be just over the phone or internet. So if you’re self isolating or working from home, then it could be a good opportunity to try to arrange for piece to be sent from your dealer for a home demo.

Naim hand gel… Possibly?


In a 2 part dispenser, one black, the other luminous green!


Don’t forget the chrome bumper for that retro effect

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I got my new HCDR just last week, I think I was lucky!

Just seen this in an email from hifi lounge. Probably not surprising to anyone.

we heard yesterday that Rega and Naim have ceased production for the time being

:small_blue_diamond:Have @Richard.Dane any further information on this…??


Yes, as I have confirmed on here over on the good read thread, due to the lockdown, I hear that Naim have finally had to close the factory this week. Office staff and R&D continue to work from home though.


The forum visit i had would suggest working from home building any of the wonderful Naim hifi would be…interesting to say the least…Statement amps, an Mt Everest challenge. Hope the lock down sorts us all out soon❤️

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