Naim Credo Speakers


I would like to know how is the foam disposed inside Naim Credo?
filling level, tamping …
Thanks for your help

From memory it’s packed to the outside of the inside of the top and bottom boxes. Thick with about 10cm of square free space in the middle. Made from some sort of acrylic fluffy filler similar to what you find in budget pillows or a cheaper hotel🥺. You need the spaces to separate the two boxes. Hope that helps👍

Thank you very much Soundsfaber :+1:t3:

Just out of interest, no wool in these like the SBL’s?

Nope. The sl2 has horse mane hair from memory

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Google me this. Ok 5cm or 10cm😝


Maybe the reason my system is missing a little life …

I completely filled the head and body with this material, leaving no space… :thinking:

I’m curious, what reason did you have to remove it?

Goat hair.

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Sorry knew it was some sort of 4 legged critter. Was told by the local dealer hose mane, his bad he he😝

Playing I’m sure.

It could have been :smile:

When I recovered the Credo, they were empty and I bought other foams to fill them.

I also had fun closing them like the SBL and transforming them with an SHOXO2 filter and SBL MKI Woofer :grimacing:

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Ah, The Great Empty Credo Mystery of 2019, as future Naim forum historians will no doubt come to refer to it :wink:

Anyway glad it is starting to come right now that you know how much foamy filler should be in them.

Can’t help but think how Naim got it wrong to start with. LOL

I think they know what they were doing…
Not me :sweat_smile:

You removed the porting and downgraded the woofer? Whatever for?

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The sound benefits from giving the foam a gentle lift every now and then, as it tends to sink over time.

To make sure I do not damage the original Credo Woofers.
But rest assured, the Credo are doing well and are now in their original state.

According to your experiences, how should the Credo be placed in the room?
Mine are 26cm from the back wall, 165cm inside and a listening position at 3.3m

Mine are 32cm from solid rear wall, 210cm apart with low cabinet and tv between, right spkr is 105cm from side wall, left spkr is 3m from side wall, both 270cm from listening position. Only the smallest of toe-in, almost nothing.

I arrived at these positions after many many moves and listens. I guess it all depends on your room though, so you will need to find what works best for you.

The Credo’s are such underrated yet amazing speakers. I looked at upgrading them but would have to spend several thousand GBP to surpass them. They are staying put!