Naim customer support really this bad?

Back in the old days when I was customer service manager we aimed to reply to every email enquiry within 24 hours. Most we tried to respond to within an hour. However, the nature and number of enquiries was doubtless very different then to now. Back then we’d be replying to around a hundred or so emails a day, particularly after a weekend or holiday, and in most cases the queries could be answered immediately and quickly - after all, there are only so many ways a Hicap can be connected, or a missing link plug identified as the problem.

However, with the increased complexity of modern networking and all the many variables that enter the equation, it can’t be so easy any more, and being able to give an answer or solve a problem is doubtless far less straightforward requiring queries to be parked and queued while trying to investigate or find answers. You need to not just know your Naim onions, but also analyse all kinds of other possibilities with different computers, routers, networks, streaming services all part of a very complex equation. And then introduce Covid 19 and the many challenges that brings, what with remote working and I guess sometimes queries may fall through the gaps or get parked up for longer than usual, or as was the case with one recent query I chased up, you get the old fashioned problems such as the mail getting automatically (and erroneously) identified as spam. Bottom line is that i know that the Naim support people are on the case and working hard to answer all queries as quickly as they can, in spite of the current difficult circumstances.

Mike and jj, if you let me have your ticket numbers I’ll follow it up with Naim and see where your queries have got to.


I find it bizarre that people take to the internet to moan about customer service over a matter so trifling. In this case the obvious thing to do was simply to pick up the phone to the dealer, who would be able to answer straight away. Why bother Naim? Companies are all struggling at the moment, with staff working at home - try contacting the bank, the insurance company, the broadband company. They are all dealing with sickness and home working. In these cases there is no alternative but to contact the company itself, but with Naim the dealer should be the first port of call.

But of course people must have the answer RIGHT NOW! because it’s REALLY IMPORTANT.

A quick Google of ‘Naim wobbly sockets’ reveals this… It’s hardly difficult.


Well I never knew that, I thought it was a bit rubbish that when I went rooting at the back of the rack the CD player’s cable being knocked cause a crackle. Make sense and now I know why. Can’t say as it ever bothered me as I only fiddle at the back of the racks if I drop something down there which is almost never. You learn something every day

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Mechanical decoupling is one thing, but a crackle when you move the cable sounds to me like a fauly connection, not a wobbly socket.

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Speaker crackle, not sparks. I’m stripping it all down again later this week so I’ll have a good look at it, thanks Chris :+1:

I’m with Chris. It shouldn’t crackle at all.



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You’d be surprised.

I worked in Customer Service for a very large car manufacturer.

Everyday you were dealing with customers who by passed their dealers.

Very often they were told to go to their dealer as they had the tools to deal with the majority of issues.

Hello, i am pretty new to the audio world and even newer to buying NEW audio gear. Most stuff i have is bought second hand and older from ebay/offerup/garage sales. So the idea of going to a dealer for troubleshooting with audio gear questions is something new to me.

I had a issue a while ago with a Mcintosh amp where the nob would get stuck and not come out. I contacted Mcintosh and they replied some some fixes or ideas / things for me to check to see if its stuck or broken.

I have contacted audeze about using a OTL amp for planar headphones as i heard they can damage them from people on the internet ( i know) they replied and said it was totally fine and gave me some more indepth info.

I had a schiit YGG and had some questions on it and reached out to schiit, who replied with some technical info and helped me along the way. ( dont think they have many dealers anyways)

What im stating is the idea of going to the dealer first for audio gear help thats relatively specific is a totally new concept for me.

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Having been compelled to work from home for 10 months and likely for all of this year too I heartily concur. Offering customer service at any level right now brings with it a range of complexities customers can relate to in their own lives but cannot comprehend when it applies to others.


Sorry guys, it would be nice to have a PDF to supplement the online guide which is cool but rather clunky in use.

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Interestingly I think this is a two way thing - dealers will generally have in depth knowledge of products customers don’t simply because they use and demo more of any company’s products than the average home user. Equally I’ve found good dealers are also interested in feedback from customers that they can pass up teh chain to Naim or anyone else.

As hi-fi nuts we are often quite critical or analytical, frequent forums etc dealers might not routinely, and I think we can offer positive feedback or hints and tips as end-users. I certainly feel as though my dealer respects my views and opinions on things, often we concur on particular products, at other times we differ.

Being at home over the last year has allowed me plenty of time for reading. I’ve read a lot of the post concerning customer service. A majority of people would like to defend the company by calling the consumers concern Petty. I don’t View anyone spending money to buy something that’s expected to work being difficult. In the US as well as other countries they made provisions 4 people work at home during a virus. In my career I had to deal with inspection deficiency report’s. We didn’t have some large staff to address the reports. What we did have was a requirement to be responsive and answer him within 72 hours. One time I had a particular problem with a vendor. They wouldn’t answer the phone they wouldn’t reply to our written request. They simply blew me off. My answer I bought stock in the company and then penned a letter to the CEO telling him that I was customer and a stockholder. The phone rang and his secretary ask me to hold and he told me that my products would be out was in the next 7 to 10 days. After I received them I sold the stock.

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Spot on Chris, the entire socket is loose in the back of the CD player, it’s been like that since I first had it. Needs sorting then, is it something I could do myself or is it a send off to Naim job?

As previously mentioned, the IEC socket on the CD5xs should be free to move a little as part of the decoupling. Are you saying it’s actually broken though? Could it just be that the power cable is not fully inserted in the IEC socket?

It’s the entire plastic housing on the socket that wobbles, the actual plug is quite secure in it

Yes, it should be like the cut out that it fits into in the chassis is cut one size too big.

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Yes that’s about it, well clarified :+1:

Headless chicken mode disengaged, thanks

Haven’t got a ticket number yet Richard. Audio-T in Swansea sent the email and haven’t had a reply yet. It’s for an original Uniti that needs yet another new screen.

If it was from your dealer then it’s probably best that they just pick up the phone to their Naim sales rep.

Totally agree.