Naim DAC V-1 headphone one side no sound

Recently I start having some problems with my Naim DAC V-1 when using the headphones, I can only hear the left channel but the right channel has no sound, I tested my headphone with other amp and it seems my headphone are fine; I tested with difference source to my Naim DAC V-1, it’s still the same, the right channel has no sound. I tried tapping the top of the Naim DAC V-1 box slightly, it seems to fix the problem temporarily but it came back in the next day. Anyone has any suggestions how I should deal with this problem other than tapping the box?

I would take it to your Naim dealer to investigate. Maybe the jack isn’t fully connecting within the socket?

Yah, maybe, could be the connection, but I tried another pair of headphones and it has no sound from the right side too when connect to Naim DAC V-1. Today it has been working fine though after I tapped the box yesterday, will bring it to my local Naim dealer to take a look if it happens again.

It could be a problem with the socket itself.

Never had this kind of trouble… And i far has i know there is no balance on the V1… so sounds like your unit has some trouble

I think it’s just the connection in the socket, , the problems hasn’t come back again for over a week now.

Good news, but this is a bit strange that the socket has some trouble…

maybe there is a metal piece inside the socket not in the right position? I really like this Naim DAC-V1 as my dedicated headphone amp, as long as it’s working, I am happy :slight_smile:

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