Naim desktop client?

Where to get an updated version?

Version I have is

It reports that a unitiserve I’ve just connected is running a newer versionof software and ask me to update my client.

Where from?

First, have you checked what firmware the US is running? It should be 1.7c which you can get sirect from Naim support, not 1.7b which is the latest version mentioned on Naim’s website.

Personally I find the ‘browser interface’ to be the best way to set up and configure the US, which you can access by entering the IP address into any web browser. (You will need to enable Flash).

Yep 1.7c and I can access everything through the browser but wanted to try the desktop client.

Also I can see my PC name as a network share but it shows offline. It is enabled. Do I need to give a full path pcname\drive\sharename ?


There is an msi file that comes with 1.7c do you have that?

I don’t know. The us has 1.7c installed already, presumably by Naim in August when the us was serviced.

Grab from my dropbox
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I use a Mac, so have N-Serve rather than the DTC, so I can’t really help you there, although they essentially do the same thing.
What I have found is that some settings that ought to work in N-Serve look like they should work, but don’t, and never have. The browser interface seems to just work.


I’m playing with the browser now but still can’t see my shared music on the PC. PC share is orange and won’t finish scanning. Size a problem?

Client 4.1 installed . thanks.

no problem, will stop sharing now

Ok, Radio works, us store works fine but desktop is still finding a share automatically but shows it as offline. Any ideas anyone?

Do you gave a large music library on it?

Your PC needs to be running SMB1 to talk to your Unitiserve. At least it does to see the downloads folder and I expect it does for everything else too…



Not large- 180gb

Win10 machine. Does that have smb1 installed or do I need to download a version?

net tells me win10 has SMB2. Is this not any use? Do I need the earlier version?

Yes, you need SMB1.

Thanks. I’ll give it a go.

Windows 10 has SMB1 built in but you have to turn it on. You can easily find the instructions by googling it.

SMB1 is turned off by default these days because it’s regarded as a major security risk. But the US uses it and that isn’t going to change as Microsoft never patched Windows XP Embedded with SMB2 or 3.

So the best thing will be to turn SMB1 on while you use the DTC and then turn it off again after.



yep, done.

Now showing green but no music files! I’ll leave it on overnight and see if it builds a database.

ARGGG, and now its gone red again.