Naim equipment to car equivalents

Hi. Just for fun…Thinking about the Naim equipment range how would you compare components to cars? For example, looking at a NAP250DR, I’m thinking of a current BMW M5, in terms of comparative position in their respective marketplace.
E.g. both are considered specialist, have plenty of power, high-end (but not Uber high end) but relatively accessible. Both have excellent performance but are not overtly ‘showy’.
Olives and CBS would follow a similar path but matching to vehicles of their time…

Interested in peoples thoughts…

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Lotus (Loti?)

Atom HE is a Golf GTI :sunglasses::fire:

Morgan. Hand made, British and a bit of fiddling under the bonnet sometimes needed to get best out of it.


I love TVR. Is the Nova the new Griffit?


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The M5 is a puffed up planet destroying behemoth that people should know better than to want, whereas the 250 is a lovely evolution of a classic design. I cannot think of two less related objects.


HH … Think (only) design wise.

You’re a Audi man, correct?

250dr is a S6 avant. :wink:


I was thinking design, as is, or at least I thought it was, clear from my post.

( i interpreted as environmental issues)


Is it because of the pig nose (double kidney)?

To use a fishy simile codswallop.

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I would 100% agree with regards to the new M3, it has a face only a mother could love! However the M5 has at least retained some semblance of style … still a long way from the Elegance of the e28 M5

At £100k for a new one I wouldn’t call an M5 at all “accessible”

Although I am (or rather was, now that I am an EV driver) a petrol head but am struggling to identify any design equivalents between Naim kit and cars will have to think about it!

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Agreed - I am struggling to see any design reference in what HH said

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Agree re the £100k purchase price however a majority of new cars are leased, hence the accessible comment.

Essentially you are funding the depreciation plus a margin for the retailer/finance co.

Would be fascinating if Naim did similar!!

In design terms the nearest I can get to is Volvo - their current range is v well designed, fairly simple and easily recognisable but not sure I could come up with any particular model without straining the comparison

And with a full 500 system into kudos 808s I am not allowed to complain about an M5 not being accessible. Though I wouldn’t like the pcp payments on one…

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Seems like a design reference to me Tim.


I struggled to see the relation between bmw ( first part of sentence) with naim ( second part).
But I’m quickly learning, from different posts, that @anon4489532 have a specific approach ( or personal signature) on the posts he makes.

Respect. And , in part, starting to like it.

Whilst I would never own one, the BMW M5 is fantastically designed. To get 591 BHP into a 4wd supersaloon is miraculous. And more fuel and emission friendly than its previous incarnations…

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…naim reminds me of my 1965 VW bug, the first car I owned, it had a classic look (at least for the 60’s), and it kept on running and getting me where I needed to go…

My naim set up is doing the same thing for me today… and everyday.

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Do you still have it? ( it would be cool)