Naim fault


My ageing amp (82, Hi-cap x 2, 135’s) has developed a strange fault. Sound coming from both speakers but when I turn the balance pot to the right silence. There is a reassuring thump from 135’s when powered up and down, any ideas would be appreciated, my suspicion is an elderly Snaic.

When were that 135s last serviced?

If moving the balance pot position creates the silence, then my suspicion is that its the balance pot. Its what balance pots do over time.

Mike-B, there is the beauty of the forum, I would never have considered the balance pot in my 82, is there any check I can do to confirm or decide the fault lies elsewhere, Guinless raised a valid issue of when the 135’s were last serviced, a long time ago, just wouldn’t have the funds to service all the components, the system was sounding damn good as well.

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I assume you mean that when you turn the balance pot fully to the right you get silence, so the right channel is not working? Is it on all sources on all inputs of the pre-amp?

Power down and then try swapping the SNAICs around. If the issue moves to the left, you have found the culprit - faulty SNAIC. If no change, the try swapping the Hicaps. If no change, then try swapping the NAPs. If no change, try swapping the speaker cables. Always power down first before making or breaking connections.

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I went to the doctors a fews weeks ago. I told him, when I lift my right arm above my head my shoulder hurts.

He said, ‘don’t lift your right arm above your head’.




Thanks for the commonsense advise which should surely identify the root of the problem.

Put the 82 into mono. Then try

If sound comes out of both speakers when balance is centralised does this not suggest the balance pot is the issue and not the channel??

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Maybe. But maybe not.

As I said in my first post, if moving the balance pot position creates the silence
… & IF that is the only action that causes the silence, then my money is still on the balance pot.

Hi Fredd,

My suspicion is that you are using 4 to XLR (Cannon) cables between the Hicap & amps with white bands & you have them plugged them into the same input socket on each 135. Your left channel 135 should be connected via the ch.1 socket, the right the ch.2 socket.


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**then should never get sound from both speakers
So I don’t think this is explanation **

No, you would get channel 1 from both speakers if the XLRs are plugged into the left XLR input on the 135s & the right if using the right sockets.

The effect would be exactly as the OP describes.

If using dedicated pink & green banded leads, then yes, you’d get nothing with them the wrong way around…


Edit - the white banded (250) XLR leads are wired for both channels.

Does this mean that Fredd will be getting stereo for the first time?

If my diagnosis is correct - maybe yes!!

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If so, I imagine the desire to upgrade would be put on the back burner!

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@Fredd Any news?

No, I have been busy with other commitments and I am hoping to pull out 82 and 2 hicap’s and 135’s tonight, will switch around snaics to see if moving the balance pot to the left will revers the affect. I suppose I should get the whole amp serviced but that would be pricey. If I get away with Snaic cable happy days