Naim firmware update for legacy streamers

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, I have searched unsuccessfully for an answer although it must be a common problem.

I have two Naim streamers a Unitiqute 1 and a NAC-N 172 XS. The display panel has faded on both streamers to the extent that neither can be read even at midnight in a darkened room (I’ve tried). I also have Mu-So Gen 1 which I have successfully updated

As a result I am unable to check whether I am running Firmware 3.0 or above.

I looked for the Firmware info in the ‘About’ section on the Naim app but no joy there - unless it is the BSL version by another name (no idea what BSL is).

According to Naim, without the update I will be unable to stream Tidal - which I use every day.

Is there a solution or should I bite the bullet and start saving to get the front displays replaced?

thanks in advance

If you are already streaming Tidal through both units, then you must be on at least 4.4 and if you have no problems with Tidal then you are probably on 4.7

In any case I think you will be fine to go ahead with this update when it appears.

Assuming you are using the Naim app, then you can check the version by looking in each streamer’s home page and then select settings - about - and see what it says for streamer version.



Thanks for such a quick response. Yes you are right RE the streamer versions. One is 4.4 and the the other is 4.7.
In my ignorance I was looking for the word ‘firmware’ rather than Streamer version.
Really appreciate your help.

Also worth noting that the Firmware itself (4.8) isn’t released until tomorrow.

We’ll be on hand to offer advice as needed, and would advise everyone - as you have evidently already done! - reads the guidelines before they start. Again, all those will be widely shared: here, on Naim website and via email updates


Thanks Clare, duly noted and thanks for your help.

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I’ll also add the clarification re ‘Streamer version’ in the update guidelines. We resisted pushing people towards App first, as with many Naim users have multiple products, we didn’t want anyone getting confused with firmware versions; the on-screen display can’t get confused.

Maybe also worth adding that the only product that had 3.0 firmware was the original Uniti. So all other legacy streamers started life at a higher version than 3.0



Hi David. It’s actually not that straightforward. There were quite a few ‘variant’ versions of products back then, so it’s important everyone checks before they update.

Was @Dooley correct in saying that the 4.7 version will not stream Tidal anymore?

Users of legacy products will need to update before December, when TIDAL will switch to the new authentication system. If you have not updated products by then, you will no longer be able to stream TIDAL.

Good to know, thank you for the quick response.

It’s all explained in the release notes and update guidelines for each product - but as ever, if you have any more specific questions, please ask!

These are important updates, which we’re implementing in good time ahead of TIDAL’s changes.

Having said that, I do know some users are already experiencing issues as some ‘smart’ networking technology has spotted that TIDAL’s login methodology needs updating.

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I am just repeating what the fabled Naim support guy Phil Harris told me back in the day. He said all of the later products launched with firmware at 3.3 or above. No doubt his post is in the old forum archive, but the indexing is so bad that I expect I wouldn’t be able to find it.

Well my info comes from the R&D team who wrote the software and designed the products :slight_smile:

I’m sure you understand the need to err on the side of caution here - i’d rather someone checked their software than made the assumption all was OK and ran into problems.

Fair enough.

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There’s a 4.8 coming? Are release notes available or have to wait till tomorrow?

Yes, there is a 4.8 update coming tomorrow for UnitiQute/Qute 2; UnitiLite; Uniti/Uniti 2; SuperUniti; NAC-N 172; NAC-N 272; ND5 XS; NDX; NDS.

We’ll put all the details up tomorrow morning, but feel free to get your computer/cables ready ahead of carefully reading the specific update instructions. It’s crucial everyone reads the guide BEFORE they start updating!


It would be nice to get some instructions for all those whose displays are no longer working….

You can check which version of firmware you are running in the App - look for ‘streamer version’ in settings, as per the screenshots in this post earlier in thread:

I know it sounds obvious, but please ensure you are looking up the info for the correct Naim product in the App (with so many users running several products, it could be an easy mistake to look up the wrong product).

As also noted, please follow detailed update guidelines that will be available along with the Firmware 4.8 update tomorrow.

This is mainly a Tidal compatibility update so for us not using Tidal there is no reason updating?