Naim flatcap

Hi all hope all is well. I’m thinking of adding a flat cap to my system. How much should I pay for the unit.


As cheap as you can find, then send it for service. I guess that’s gbp 200 and service costs.


Be aware of different models down the years.

First was Flatcap. Olive slimline look, one output.
Then Flatcap 2, 5 series look, two outputs, one 22V, one 24V.
Then Flatcap 2x, as above but both outputs 24V.
Then Flatcap XS, as above but with more upmarket brushed fascia.

Naim will say that there are internal improvements between models too, better transformers etc.

All are discontinued. I’m very happy with my Flatcap XS.


The OP has a nac92 & nap90, I’m assuming its for that. Personally, I would go for the Olive flatcap in such a case for visual harmony.


Ah, I didn’t look. Wish I had now!

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The Flatcap XS is alive and well, and is shown on the new September 2022 price list.

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“Discontinued” on Naim’s site.

There may be an item on the price list , but it’s showing as discontinued

Wow. So that means there is no matching upgrade power supply for the Nait XS. That seems a bit odd.

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Perhaps XS range’s days are numbered and Naim’s basic offer will become Classics or Unitys.

Or there’ll be a new style PS range including XS level.

Or the XS range of PSUs (ok, the single model, not quite a “range” :slight_smile: ) wasn’t popular enough, and they’re gone gone.

Since there’s no current component other than a Stageline that benefits from the Flatcap XS second supply, and many folks power the Stageline from Aux2, I’m not entirely surprised they’re dropping it.

I hope they don’t drop the XS amp, seems a big step if they did.


I am surprised as well , maybe not the market for it?

I wonder if the SN3’s success not only did for the 200/202 but also for the Flatcap /XS3 ?

Naim are ruthless in pulling the plugs on items that are petering off .

eBay shows between 180-230 GBP for those recently sold.

Dealer prices look closer to £275, for the one dealer’s site I checked.

All olive ^^

It will be interesting to see what happens to the Nait XS3, which I imagine sells really well, and it’s very strange that its natural bedmate has been killed off. It’s a heck of a jump from the 5si at £1,499 to the SN3 at £3,999 (from 1 September), and the XS3 fills the gap nicely. Maybe the Flatcap XS, which is the only non-DR power supply that Naim makes, just doesn’t make enough of a difference to the XS3 to make people buy it. The Flatcap gets a bit of a hard time in some quarters but I found the 2X to be a superb upgrade when I had a CD5x and 122x.


" The Flatcap gets a bit of a hard time in some quarters but I found the 2X to be a superb upgrade when I had a CD5x and 122x.". My experience also.

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It does yes, unfounded IME. I found it a great upgrade (FlatCap 2) on a 32-5.


I had mine with a Nait 3 , went for a power amp , and the dealer refused to sell that to me unless I heard the Flatcap first . Of course he knew what he was talking about and I came away with a Flatcap.

Naim aren’t likely to end the run of a well established product (272 not included) if it was selling well .

I wonder if many are tempted by a 3yr old SN2 @ £2000ish. That would be the way I would go. Or maybe there’s some new stuff on 5he way?

I think it’s a bit of a jump to suppose that discontinuing the FlatCap XS means that the Nait XS is in the firing line. When I had a NaitXS/CD5XS, I did add a FCXS and it improved SQ, but the upgrade was fairly modest and the cost made it only just worthwhile, IMHO. I’ve not heard it’s effect on a Nait XS3, but at £1k, I’d expect it to be modest at best. Since it can’t be used on the ND5XS replacement, it could be that not many people are opting for it now, possibly preferring to stump up for a HiCap. So I don’t see it’s discontinuation as necessarily meaning the end of the Nait XS, let alone the whole XS line.


I found the FlatCap to have the most effect on the pre-amp (32-5) and a small one on the CD3-5.