Naim Fraim - is it worth it really?

You could use intermediate or extended legs for one or more of the levels. A base and either 3 standard or 2 intermediate levels (both same height overall) is pretty much my own ideal, height wise, and how I have mine configured, albeit spread over 3 stacks. When a rack gets too high you start to lose some benefit as the centre of gravity is raised. So keeping racks low is a good thing.

You could have a spare level for the XPS DR :+1:

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Oh, that seems risky. I had speakers in a cherry finish and upgraded to ones in piano black.

I bought my Fraim in black/black to match the Naim components. No matter what I do to speakers, room, furnishings, etc. black/black will never clash. I also avoided cherry because that finish has not been consistent over the years, as I recall. And with a six box double stack I think black/black looks pretty bad-ass too. :slight_smile:


What do you mean exactly? I have my eye on a second-hand 4-level Fraim - just over £1000, cherry - and I will need another level: is the finish likely to be different? Thanks for the reply.

Cherry wood darkens with age, especially if it’s in bright light. Some wood finishes have UV filters which can reduce this darkening considerably, and I suspect that Naim use such a finish on Fraim, but I couldn’t say for sure. Other woods, such as ash and maple, do not darken in this way, so might be more consistent over time.

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Wasn’t there a discussion in the old forums about the cherry finish and how there were lighter and darker variants coming from Naim?

At the time I had cherry speakers and other furniture, and was thinking about looking for used cherry Fraim. That’s when I decided ash or black ash is a better choice.

Look here. Some discussion and pictures: Full Fat Fraim - in Maple (a moaning post)

I’m into it for 2 bases, 5 levels, and 2 Fraimlite levels. I’m just glad I chose black ash. It’s the safest, IMO, and looks great everywhere.

Have cherry and black uprights. It matches the rosewood santos of the speakers quite well in person. I find that photos don’t do the rack justice.


@Richard.Dane would you think that a base and 2 intermediate and 1 regular level would be pushing it as to height

I see you’re embarrassed about your selection of music and have to blot it out with a big X to save face on the forum. :rofl:


No, that’s fine by me.

Yes, a very nice setup you have there:grinning:

Once my 300 arrives tomorrow I’ll be using a base, intermediate level, and two std levels, plus a Fraimlite on top, supporting 300, XPSDR, SCDR, 300PS, with a small record shelf on top of the Fraimlite.


Hi Peder,

Sorry, I could not fully understand what you meant with pulling the powercord into the contact and how this fits with your picture? Can you please explain more? Many Thanks!

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Thanks again for your advice - added two mid height spacers today, so now have increased the space above the 135s and between the NDS and 52. I’m very pleased with the outcome.

My only complaint is that I need to get a new lead for the link from my TV to the 52 as it’s stretching the lead. This is over my LAN and I can’t for the life of me remember how I did it before I had the network.


Quick question guys as I have my eye on a Fraim. Should there be the Naim logo on the middle of the base? I see lots with and without.

You can buy the logo from Naim or your dealer - it just sticks on.

I have also added two sets of medium spacers, one lifts the nd555 higher above the 552, which has a blank shelf below. The other fraim now has more space between Unit Core and one of the large power supplies…not cheap, but well worth doing.

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The logo came with each of my bases, along with a template for centering it correctly. I fastened mine (it uses double stick tape) to the upper shelf of each base.

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I never attached mine that came with 2 bases and it didn’t include a template for mounting it dead centre anyway. I bought it back in 2005 so maybe the template is a recent thing?

I think they look fine, rather understated compared to the green light Naim logos on the boxes.