Naim HDX Backup NAS Drive

I have a 2nd hand Naim HDX and having ripped some 500 CD’s need to think about a backup. Mine is the version where the backup is to an external drive.

I purchased a Western Digital “My Cloud Home” which I thought should do the job, however , it would appear that the only way to transfer the files is via a web app which I cant do via the Naim. I have tried running the Naim desktop client, but can seem to drag the files from the Naim to the NAS.

Any thoughts ?

I would look at one of the more basic Synology or QNAP models, with a WD Red drive. I use a Synology DS115, which has worked flawlessly for a few years now.

Hi All,
I got a refund on the WD Nas and have purchased a Synology DS213J. All my PC’s Desktop and 2 Laptops can see the drive OK.However I cant get the HDX to play ball. I did find a PDF on the web for the Naim and the DS212J but it would appear that my DS213J has a more graphical interface than the DS212J. so cant cross refer. Anyone help please ?

Regards Alan

On my windows laptop I press the windows key and R together and then in the ‘Run’ box type

\\ip address of HDX\Music


\\ip address of HDX\Downloads

This allows me to browse through the HDX’s files in Windows File Explorer.

Does this work for you?

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Thanks David - post now edited

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