Naim Headline DIN to be connected with Nait 5i

Is there anyone who could tell me whether it is possible

Thanks beforehand

Unfortunately the 5i only has the Tape output you need to feed the Headline via RCA sockets. You’ll either need to get a suitable RCA to DIN adapter made up or have the Headline cable terminated with RCA plugs.

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As James mentions above, the NAIT 5i has the tape OUT on RCA Phono only, so a DIN Headline can’t be used unless with a suitable adaptor or if it is re-terminated with RCA Phono plugs.

Therefore possible if I connect one adaptor Din/ Rca
Thank you very much


You’ll need an adapter wired as per the picture shown in the FAQ


The adapter DIN Female must be wired as per the diagram circled above with the left channel RCA pin connected to ch1 out and the right channel RCA pin connected to ch2 out. RCA outer (signal ground) on both RCA plugs connects to -ve.

many thanks

Actually how should I formulate precisely my written request either through my own HiFi store here in Belgium or through the Dutch dealer for Chord - Naim Latham audio
Indeed I assume it’s not a standard product but one custom order to be made

You could ask them either to,
a) re-terminate your DIN Headline to an RCA type.
b) make up a DIN-RCA adaptor to allow your DIN Headline to be used with RCA Phono sockets.

I’m sure they could definitely do option (a), as for (b) best to ask.

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Just did it after calling Latham Audio NL

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