Naim HQ visit

On my way home from an enjoyable few hours at Naim with Jas Gould. I got to hear the Full Statement v 500 and had lengthy and enjoyable chats with Jas and Steve.



No wonder you can’t get hold of any Naim gear these days, they’re keeping it all for themselves :smile:


It’s hard to believe the demo room is in the same place as the old one, they are so different.

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Rather than write a long winded indulgent review of what I heard and we discussed I will offer my take/answers to any questions that members want to ask.

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Did they, or can they, come up with a fix for the Solstice cartridge incompatibility challenge? I believe that was your primary motivation for going.

Like I wrote they are investigating the bias issue but really marketing decisions are made across the channel and no matter how much I wax lyrical (to the great guys in Salisbury) their hands may be tied as it were.

Also, any hints on when the new 272 will appear? We all know it’s there.

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I didn’t ask HH.

I don’t know, you’d never make a spy.


Not regarding equipment that I’m not interesting in purchasing no HH :grin:

Any hints on the future of the Solstice?

And failing that, I’m sure they’d be cautious about that sort of information, how did it sound in their listening room compared to your own installation? I know you no longer have the standard setup, just interested if their optimised install sounded significantly better or worse than you heard it at home?

I assume the answer is, “Not regarding equipment that I’ve already purchased no” :wink:

Ok so the Solstice wasn’t available to listen to. So I was limited to streaming but it was sufficient to determine that I still don’t like Focal speakers but that the Statement power amps are a significant upgrade over 500. More than S1 over 552? No. Maybe half that leap.


Not at all . Just the 500 which are now sold and no plans to break up the package and sell independently

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Thanks for sharing the photos. I like the multi shelved rack / cupboard arrangement in the dem room - has a hint of mid century design about it.

And interesting that they can’t afford Fraim either.


I’ve never seen fraim at a dealer / hifi show.

Really? Audio t Brighton use it on their higher end Naim setup. Basic quadraspire on the cheaper stuff though😉