Naim in 2024 - what do you really really want?

Following the obvious success of the Naît 50 I think a SN5 integrated shoe box, CD transport shoe box, and shoe box stand alone DAC :sunglasses:


Naim NSS50 CB (shoebox) streamer please


I would certainly want a shoe box CD transport


But is its success really really obvious? They only made 1973 worldwide, which is a really really small number and if they had sold really really well there wouldn’t still be some knocking around at dealers for really really good prices. These shoebox things may be what a few really really elderly obsessives really really want, but there really really is a much bigger market out there.


Bloody killjoy! (Joke by the way).


be nice to see a statement streamer to lob on the side of statement pre…cant afford any of that good stuff but interesting none the less


Stereo button.


Was about to say similar and then managed to delete my post.

I’d go as far as to say that obviously there is very limited interest in shoebox components outside of a coterie of members here. I would have expected the 1973 to have sold out ages ago and now be selling at a premium. Probably may still happen but I expect the low latent demand has surprised even Naim.


mate…mono button? aaaaahhhhh


Sales/demand might have been better if there had been an accompanying streamer of the same size and style? A complete system with modern functionality and the lovely vintage style.


I hate to say it but I think I really want a couple 350s.


Ooh, coterie, get you!

Or you could just buy a Nova and not have to get off your arse to change the volume.


I assume shoebox refers to form factor, “half width” (though it seems very low shoes!).

I think there is likely to be a good market for smaller boxes these days, so to offer such makes every sense - but of course difficult with some products, most notably higher power amps and their power supplies.

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A streamer, in a shoe box.
Pretty please :pray:


Seems to be a theme today Nigel!

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Sure but it doesn’t have that retro style, it’s a lovely looking box but there’s nothing else (new) to use it with that has the same look and feel, so it’s a bit of an odd one out really

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So that the Nac 552 can create stereo from your mono jazz albums ? :slight_smile:

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I know naim won’t make either of these but if could have them make anything i’d ask for two things- like op mentioned a stanalone dac given how quickly second hand ndacs sell surely there is some demand?. and my other wish is in a similar vain to op but not quite the same- a refresh to the uniti core to compete with the zen mini.

If we are talking about things that already exist and that I might be able to afford I still live in hope of my local naim dealer getting an ndac (this would make asking for a week or so trial easy). I edited because I realised this is a naim 2024 thread not general hifi and there is no way I can afford a naim fraim lol

I agree, the Nait 50 is lovely. But then I’m old enough to remember the original Nait, and indeed owned one briefly. It’s worth remembering that the Nait 50 is a limited edition to mark Naim’s 50th anniversary, which is different to it being part of a coherent range of separates. For the price of a Nait 50 you can get an Atom, which looks lovely too, and does everything.