Naim in 2024 - what do you really really want?

I’m also old enough, but not lucky enough to have owned one, just admired from afar :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s a good point about it not being part of a new range … shame though!

Edit: and yes the modern Naim boxes are also very nice looking, love the New Classic range especially.

From a personal perspective there is nothing from Naim that I want for myself. What I think is interesting is what they will do about the rest of the range. Will the Nait XS3 and ND5XS2 be replaced, for the market that doesn’t want all all in one? Will there be a cheaper streamer than the £8,000 NSS333? When will the Supernait 3 be replaced, and at what level?

I’m not convinced by the shoebox concept, but Naim do have the NPX TT and it would seem entirely possible that Nait XS3 and ND5XS2 replacements could slot into the smaller TT casework.


I want them to stop releasing amazing new products that tempt me to spend more money, which is probably a bit selfish as I am very happy with my system.


Support for hi-res Tidal would be nice.


That’s definitely some interesting things to think about I’m particularly interested on if they will do a cheaper standalone streamer and what the future holds for the integrated amps.

As I no longer buy Naim ‘new’, my interest in new products is incidental.

What I hope Naim will do is to continue to update & rationalise their range. At present - to me - it seems confused. But perhaps that’s to be expected, with the NC range only just having arrived…?


A mid-range and high end CD player. Think equivalent to NDX2 and ND555.

Naim’s CD players are very close to being unrepairable, which will force those of us who continue to enjoy CD’s to look elsewhere. It’s not a big problem, but Naim did make some exceedingly good players.


That should be a piece of cake.


The matching streamer for the Nait 50 would be nice, but I’m still hoping for a one box 500ish integrated with a matching one box 500 steamer. No additional power supplies, just two boxes. I would trade in my 7 box 500 series today for a similar quality 2 box Naim. One day I will, but I may have to change brands.

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Lots of talk about Classic, New Classic,why not go back to the real classic design…


Looking at this picture, I keep expecting to see a tiny person beside it. A bit like this classic Naim ad…


A new CDX 2 successor


A Supernova based on 222/250 please


That’s exactly what I keep hoping for any future 100 Series. A half-width streamer could slot in next to my HiCap, replace my ND5 XS2 as a transport into the nDAC and save me a Fraimlite shelf for a future 555PS :innocent:.

However, extrapolating from the logic of the 200/300 Series, it seems that integration of functionalities is the trend as we go down the levels.

So I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Streaming Amplifier showing up as series 100. That’s essentially the replacement of Nova (or Star?) with a built-in phono input, (maybe) upgradeable by an NPX300 and of course IEEE 802.11ax draft-compliant radio :wink:.


I would quite like a replacement Uniti Core with:

the CD drive and ripping element removed (maybe made optional via USB if that’s still considered necessary to provide)

Improved uPnP software

A direct Ethernet link to streamer (if Naim deem it to improve sound quality)

Oh, and shoebox width of course :slight_smile:


A 100 series would be logic looking at Naim new Classic.
On the other hand is there a demand enough for more high priced entrylevel kit ?
As long as XS3 and ND5 sell, that range could stay in 2024 - but interesting to know what’s on their test bench.

Problem I foresee with a 100 range is being entrylevel, price won’t be.
Will they get them manufactured in China as Mu-so’s ?

One thing for sure, Naim will release mega sellers only, no room for specialities me think, no shoebox CB streamer and tape decks.

a CB Streamer to go with my NAIT50


I’d want the opposite, the ability to play CDs as well as rip.


That would be a NAS with Asset then.


I want a phono button for my 102. aux is just so nondescript.