Naim in 2024 - what do you really really want?

Can the phone input be used as regular input on nsc 222? I have 3 sources to plug.

No, the phono input has a built in MM phono stage so it’s only suitable for connecting a turntable.

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This isn’t direct feedback on the website, but one of the messages presented:

Upgradeable Performance

Seems to suggest the structure of Naim offerings

  1. All in one system - Muso
  2. All in one player - Uniti
  3. Integrated player - Integrated amps and CD/streamer
  4. Marque separates - 200/300/500/statement

Which I think is good news if it implies a healthy future for the NAITs. Not that I was necessarily concerned Naim wouldn’t keep integrated amplifiers in the range, nor that I think this is a promise to keep them, just a positive sign that they will, and perhaps release an updated entry level streamer at some point.

Hopefully '24 brings something new in terms of new classic versions of the NAIT 5, or XS3 or SN3, and a new entry level streamer, or perhaps a NC entry level CD player! Not least as that’s the part of the Naim pool I’m swimming in :slight_smile:

Like the tilt co trol on some old Quad pre-amps


Steve Sells winning Euro jackpot purchasing 100% of naim and getting back to the roots and core DNA.

Good times. To much yachts, bentleys and champagne today.

love the design of the superline, so neat

A very cheap olive supercap :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

A website that is informative, easy to understand and navigate, with no spelling mistakes and includes all necessary information.



… Maybe easier said than done? :wink:

Won’t take long :slight_smile:

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If I can send you mine first. Mine will be higher.

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