Naim Knob mobility

I have just connected my new Naim purchase equipment:


Hi-Cap DR

250 DR


555 PS DR

I noticed that the volume knob on the Naim 282 is a little too “mobile”.

It’s normal?

By taking the knob with the three fingers of the left hand it is possible to move it up and down with a fairly large play.

Thank you

I may suggest consulting with @anon82049577 who has demonstrated a certain proficiency in handling various knob predicaments.


Volume knob of my 552 can swivel up and down a bit

I use the knob on my 82 wIth the remote control…seems to work…unlike other kn***…OK best not go there :grin: :grin: :grin:


I prefer to move up and down with my right hand using all fingers but when my knob feels floppy a finger and thumb is often sufficient.



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Enough with the knob.

I can also move my knob up and down with some play.

Now if my knob goes mobile, my wife might have something to say about that.

Oh…, wait…, which one are we talking about again?


And here we go again, :rofl:

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I never touch my knob, but it is firmly mobile when Mrs. JimDog uses it to increase her enjoyment of mid-70’s Miles Davis on stage freak-outs.

Especially since I used my balls (of silicon nitride) to isolate my shelf.


Oh dear! inevitably that went bad rather quickly.

What are all you lot like!

ehe so funny I understand

I just wanted to understand if it is normal that there is a bit of play up and down.

That is not normal. It should be snug and not move like that. I suspect something that secures it came loose inside.


Definitely not normal. That knob slides directly onto a knurled metal spindle of the potentiometer. It should fit and hold firmly. There could be two problems. Either the potentiometer itself is loose where it should be solidly mounted inside the box or the plastic “female” portion of the knob is broken/defective and not gripping the potentiometer spindle correctly.
I’d say that if you can control the volume correctly, even with the wobble, then it’s a case where the box needs to be opened to check the potentiometer mounting. You can’t do that from the outside. Unfortunately, that would mean Naim service center…Good luck.

The volume can be controlled normally.

The product is brand new and has just been connected.

I’d send that video to your dealer so he can be horrified as well…

aristoweb, I hope your knob is repaired swiftly so that you can use it again and I would recommend that you touch your knob more gently in future. In kindness, DA

P.S. I hope you have found the double entendre to be humorous.

I connected all my new system and the first time I touched the knob it was already this way.

I went to turn up the volume of the first track of the first CD and saw that it was so.

I have always kindly touched all my equipment, also considering the cost.

I have also sent the video to Naim and my dealer and are waiting for a reply.

I hope you get it all sorted out promptly.


Thank you really kind