Naim knock-offs on the well known auction site!

Just doing my usual trawling while drinking my after ‘tea’ coffee and I have come across one seller selling Naim ‘style’ enclosures and then someone else selling a complete ‘combined NAC 152 and NAP 200’ (I kid you not) amplifier for circa £300. They both carry the Naim Logos and have more than a passing resemblance to the genuine items. Not surprisingly, they are both from China. They are clearly fake goods but I wonder what the legality is of them being on the site? I assume that Naim take a fairly dim view if it, even if they are unlikely to fool a genuine Naim purchaser that they are the real thing.

Sometimes these cheap imitations can be very hard to tell apart from the real thing.


That’s obviously a fake, it’s got the Uniti volume control.


Ah, well spotted…actually I had been thinking about putting in an offer for the gas hob (I think it’s a Bosch)…

The cases look very nice…except they’re the wong colour… :smiley: :smiley:

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Naim definitely take a very dim view of any trademark infringement, especially when their brand is applied to something that at best will not perform anything like Naim would intend, and at worst may well not comply with safety regs. If you see such things on an auction site then please report them to the site - there should be an easy facility to do this. Of course, it is a bit like a case of whack-a-mole; knock one on the head and another soon pops up…


I could have written the same as the OP when I saw this advert today on the well-known auction site. Time for a bit more mole whacking.

Fair enough - will report them. They are clearly fakes, but even so IP infringement/theft etc. is a very dubious thing. They remind me of the Chinese copies of prestige cars (Range Rover etc.) or the replica Italian super cars that were all the rage 20+ years ago. Ferrari took a pretty dim view of those too.

Very sneaky. They have also tried to replicate the precise and neat wiring internally. Interesting the seller has 98.6% rating. Clearly being fronted.

The Chinese are clearly worried about Naim global dominance!

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The third World Power operating in the Pacific😉

Both reported. I am not sure I have the time or energy the report all the amplifier boards/kits supposedly based on a NAC/NAP blah blah blah though😳


It makes you wonder what that auction site actually does about knock-off reports!

I can guess :roll_eyes:

Unbelievable, I’ve did a quick search and found it … a fake Naim … and a bad one!

Take a look on other far eastern tat slingers and search for Naim, jeez

If nothing else, the blurb for the single chassis NAC/NAP combo is amusing😊.

@Richard.Dane I believe that only the owner of the intellectual rights can report a seller on the well-known auction site.

On the big Chinese site, a seller is advertising for sale a NAC152. It doesn’t look even close to the real device from the pictures. Their description is awesome.

  1. The sound of Naim series products is often referred to in the industry as “Naim poison”. Middle frequency is easy to ear, high and low frequency and dynamics are suitable .

  2. Naim NAC152 preamplifier, relative to NAP140, NAP200, the overall quality of this preamplifier is higher; as we all know, to do a good pre-production is much more difficult than to do a good post-class, and NAC152 That’s it.


I managed to report it as a counterfeit item or copyright infringement, but you are correct that when I tried it under IP then a section suggesting that I am the IP holder came up.

That description is brilliant :rofl::rofl:. You can’t challenge the bit I’ve quoted below tho’. The NAP140 and NAP200 are two of the worst pre-amps ever, they don’t do any of the basics.

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Maybe it lost something in translation.