Naim Logo Bleed

I have a few Naim components including 552 where the Naim logo is bleeding - any idea why? This is pretty shocking. All let down by a cheap logo…

They seem to replace them during a service, ai guess they have a finite life. All of my older Naim boxes that I have owned have had bits missing when looked at closely. I prefer the illuminated logo to a stick on metal badge any day so just accept it but maybe you are right and a higher quality item is needed.

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Perhaps your dealer can replace it?

It can happen. Best talk to your dealer.

I had the same problem with my NDX, very frustrating. Dealer replaced it, and it was not very expensive, about 20 Euros.

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Yeah, I realise it can be replaced but it’s attention to detail. I could understand if the LED had failed… (these things do) makes sense but the backing to it? Not sure how they’re made, but you go to all that trouble on the case work and “20 euros” lets you down.

It will cost more to UPS the unit to Naim from the dealer.

If you find this ‘pretty shocking’ I hope you never have to deal with any serious challenges in your life. How would you possibly cope? Stuff happens. It’s not worth worrying about. It can easily be fixed.


Maybe my expectations are high …

If they are too high you will only ever be disappointed.

Considering where naim products are pitched, there is only one word, shocking. If this happened to me in a reasonable time fraim, I’d demand the complete unit be replaced.

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Say you had a £30,000 car and after a few years it developed a minor fault, say one of the lights went a bit funny, would you demand a whole new car? If you did you certainly wouldn’t get it. It’s amazing that people become shocked about something so petty. Getting in a high dudgeon is not good for one’s blood pressure. All that’s needed is to take it to the dealer, pay a few quid, and all will be well.

My lovely 552 is a 2008 model and suffers with a bleedin’ logo. The dealer has said this was a quality issue with a batch of logos and only really came to light (scuse the pun) years later (that is not ‘lightyears’ later you understand).

Naim have a commitment to replace bled logos free of charge but I have decided to struggle on with the inconvenience and have the logo changed (FOC) when I decide to have it serviced/DR’d.

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The (logo) that burns twice as bright burns for half as long
And you have burned so very bright…

I’m sure you understand malla…


I want more life f*****!

Thanks for the insight Nigel.

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