Naim Mains/Power cable

No nothing that special, H07RN-F (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) … probably.

So the standard Naim power cord that comes in the box is basically just a cheap cable made in China that I can buy online…for $5. Then Naim makes a Super Cord for a Thousand Pounds…But i have no idea why it’s a grand. Special copper, silver, special geometry, connectors? Am I missing something?


Thats why i reccommend DIYing your own for a 10th of the price.

Unfortunately one can’t DIY a good power cord for a hundred pounds or dollars. Good connectors are more than that. Add in good cable and it’s close to 175.

Define what is a ‘good’ connector & what makes it better than …

The power chord will most probably be standard reel cable but I think the smart stuff is the connection on either end.
Don’t think you can get the connection into the unit off Amazon for a few quid. That will be where the time and effort in R&D will have gone.

You certainly got this wrong.

No I don’t need to. Google Furutech or Oyaide or Wattgate. But you knew that.


The power cord that came with my SN2 is a basic cord with molded ends. Basic cable. Of course I could be wrong, so tomorrow I’ll check the box to make sure I’m not mistaken :grinning:

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I don’t buy into the BS that these companies publish, coupled to high pricing that they seem to use to '‘attract’ those that believe high price = better … whatever.
Good sensible design engineering with quality copper alloys is all that’s needed, silver plating to enhance copper conductivity I do accept.


Just read the promotional description you are right- it mentions individual dielectric insulation👍

How do you boil a kettle?

With a low wattage kettle. We have a camping kettle that works happily on 6 amp mains. It takes quite a while though.


Like This?:
The Power-Line mains plug features a thermoset resin case carrying floating pins that align to provide an enhanced contact area with the socket connections. The stripped cable ends are secured by specially profiled clamp screws and the cable is both decoupled and clamped by an ingenious die-cast component.

The Power-Line cable itself is custom manufactured with 4mm² cross section copper conductors, individual dielectric insulation and a final rubber outer that provides both high levels of inherent mechanical damping, and the correct stiffness to aid dressing on installation.

Completing the Power-Line is an IEC inlet plug that continues many of the decoupling and electrical continuity themes of the mains plug. It features floating contacts, combined decoupling and clamping, double wiper contacts and case eddy current suppression.

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No matter how ingenious a IEC inlet plug can be, it is difficult to imagine it can be better than a direct welded connection.


:small_blue_diamond::grin::grin:,.But when it comes to high price from Naim,well then you don’t see statements like this,.as above.
For no one can claim that a 555PS for £7900 (in Sweden) is not “High Price”.
Ps: BS above means Bullsh-t :wink:.

:small_blue_diamond:Unfortunately,.the reality looks a little bit different,.it is only to accept that progress has been made.

Through my friend Mr.Cableoholic,.we have really had the opportunity to…
• Try.
• Test.
• Evaluate.
…and gain new Knowledge and Experience,.in this interesting and exciting area during the last year.
It has been a “dramatic” and instructive journey,.where many Curtains has been “pulled away” for better sound quality.

:black_small_square:Beryllium, Rodium, NCF etc…are some materials used today with great success.

Then there are different degrees of how to construct,.polish and otherwise build up the product,which is absolutely crucial to the final result in soundquality.
Also how to “assemble” the product,.which torque (Nm)-values you use on different screws in the connectors are important.
This just to mention a small detail in this process.

So,.developments in this area have really moved forward.
Something that I myself had overlooked,before I got to know Mr.Cableoholic :smiley:.

:small_blue_diamond:Below,are some examples of good connectors

• Furutech FI-E50 NCF. Their best contact.

• A new Swedish Carbon-Fiber connector,.I’m not allowed to tell you more than that.

• Again,.Furutech FI-E50 NCF.

• Some from Oyaide’s new series,.from left…
AP-004 is Oyaide’s second best contact.
This is their US-model at the top,.I found no picture of their new Chuko-series.

• Oyaide’s second best contact…AP 004.

• Examples of a poor contact,.with bad connections.

• Example of a good contact,.with good connections

• A complete powercable…
-Jorma Design Duality,.with Oyaide MI/FI. Oyaide’s best contact.

• A complete powercable…
-Jorma Design Duality,.with Oyaide p/c 004. Oyaide’s second best contact.

• A complete powercable…
-Jorma Design Duality,with Furutech FI-50 NCF.
Furutech’s best contact.

The last three images all have the same powercable,.Jorma Design Duality.
It’s only the contacts that have different quality.

They’re exactly as long,.150 cm,the best length for soundquality for this Duality-cable.
All three are also “burn-in” in exactly 300-hours,.in exactly the same way.
And all three are mounted with exactly the same Nm-value…
As recommended for the best soundquality,.we have also listened and evaluated that this is true.

So,.as I said earlier…It’s only the contacts that have different quality.

:small_orange_diamond:And there’s a clear difference in how these three powercables present the music.
It was very interesting,.to be able to carry out this evaluation of the importance of contacts.

:black_small_square:As an example,.this cable…
Jorma Design Duality,.with Oyaide p/c 004. Oyaide’s second best contact.

When we plugged in this powercable in Linn’s best Klimax pre-amp,.yes it was a dramatic difference to the better.
It’s the best word I/we can use,.to briefly describe the difference for the better in soundquality.
The other two cables that both had better contacts,.yes they were better in different ways,if we talk cleaner and clearer.

But the musical synergy,.the musical flow. Wow,.there this Jorma Design Duality,with Oyaide p/c 004,.their second best contact was exceptionally good.

So,.as usual,you must Try,.Listen and Evaluate.
If we had trusted to the measurement-results,.we would have chosen one of the other two cables.
And then we would have got a worse musical result from this Linn Klimax pre-amp.


So,.developments in this area have really progressed.
It is no longer enough with…
“quality copper alloys is all that’s needed”.



I have done…

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What does carbon fibre bring to the table except being lightweight?

Low resonance.

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Doesn’t the pic show a plastic surface?
Is it coated or just the carbon weave