Naim Mains/Power cable

I’ve been evaluating different mains cables for my 272/250DR and cannot say I hear any difference between a say 2.5mm2 core cable and the original 1mm2 cable. However I noticed that the UK cable seem to be 0.75mm2 compared to the standard EU mains cable which is 1mm2. Is it a change recently to 0.75mm2 or is this for UK only? My SN3 also have a 1mm2 cable so I assume different for UK and EU then. Strange.

Since I use the Musicline netzleiste in where I attach the Naim mains cables it is to my engineering knowledge meaningless adding thicker cables from this one to my amp since it would already be limited before it. If so it means a mains cable might color the sound but not make it run better/improve its conditions.

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The standard Naim cable has always been 0.75mm/2, except US which I believe was 1mm.

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I have two Naim originals and it is printed 1mm2 on both. (Sweden/EU plug) The UK one I believe is 0.75mm2 though. Therefore my question why there is a difference. I-Sheng cable.

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I suspect at the time when the 1mm were shipped, that was how they got shipped with the EU (Schuko) plug. It’s no big deal, 0.75mm is 6amp, 1mm is 10amp, both significantly more current than most Naim amps draw in normal running.
That’s not saying anything about perceived SQ.
I-Sheng is the Chinese cable mnftg cmpy
Naim have sourced cables from different cmpys over the years.

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If that would be 100% true then why does the Powerline have 4mm2? :slight_smile: I’m not questing you. I’m just interested in understanding why Naim is not consistent if they seem to believe thicker cables do change performance. There’s no Naim amp requiring more than 10A I assume. Thats 2400W… :slight_smile:

Because they supply 4mm as standard with the top of the range units, in many cases it’s way way over the actual current requirements, but it’s what they do.
Don’t confuse AC current with audio side watts.

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For the standard cables, Naim source a bunch of inexpensive off-the shelf alternatives and go with whichever one sounds best. Sometimes supply dries up so they have to find another one, and it’s the same selection process. The Euro Schuko cable is/was chosen on exactly that basis - the fully moulded IEC-Schuko lead that sounds best to Naim. The UK can’t use the Schuko cables as they come with moulded plugs and the UK requires a different plug. Here again, Naim select the standard unterminated IEC cable they like the sound of best when fitted with their choice of UK plug, which was the Crabtree, then, when supply dried up, the MK, now their own Powerline plug, making the Powerline Lite).

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I suppose in theory 4mm2 cable must sound better than 0.75mm2 as that’s what’s used on the full powerline.

Otherwise they would use 0.75mm on the full powerline?

Hmmm, 4mm2 three-core, around 35 Amps, suitable for cookers? Seven & half quid per metre from TLC, couple of fancy plugs, and Robert’s your mother’s brother, £500 worth of “super dooper” mains cable.


I suppose it was designed to support the Statement, with a 4000KV transformer you’re at about 17A, so a bit of headroom.

Apart from the 4mm wire size, & I don’t read anything about very low oxygen copper, I suspect the insulation adds something, I have an idea what it is (my lips are sealed) but it isn’t PVC as is used with practically all consumer grade flex cables.

Doesn’t matter really since the fuse in my house is limited to 10A :slight_smile:

The only thing that PTFE will do at 240V 50Hz is stop the live & the neutral from shorting together.

OTOH that’s probably a good thing!

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I can tell you were a sparky by trade.

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C.Eng., M.I.E.E.

Although I used to build spaceships, so that probably makes me a “rocket scientist” :laughing: :laughing:

However that’s all behind me (having retired last Thursday), so all science, physics and objectivity can now be thrown out the window, and I can use my pension to buy an expensive mains cable.


I was not even thinking PTFE or any of the modern polymers wrt PowerLine. But you make a good point

I remembered you’d said you were an elec. eng. a while back, so the “probably” amused me.

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Don’t buy a Statement! :grinning::grinning:

High temp insulation