Naim merchandise for Christmas?

I’ve been checking with the team, and sadly we have no plans this side of Christmas/New Year - simply too many other priorities at the moment.
However, once we get 2020 out of the way (good riddance), i’m sure we’ll get back on track with Merch for 2021, especially when we return to live events


As a relative Naim noob what merch was there previous years?

Kryptos, more details can be seen here:


Looks like fun! Another reason to look forward to 2021!

Glad I stocked up with the merchandise at the Bristol show. Little did I know…

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Seems there’s been quite a few naim mug designs and a quick look on google there are other companies selling naim themed mugs - catering for the market.

The closed lid mugs were introduced last year (and all other mugs banned and removed from the canteen) following a health and safety incident. Someone slipped in spilt liquid in the corridor.
I also heard a rumour that Charlie spilled tea on the brand new carpet in the not-quite-finished dem room.

It’s great if you can get to a show in the UK, but bugger all for those who can’t. I can’t for the life of me work out why it’s soooo hard for Naim to do some tee shirts that were available on line. It’s not only free advertising we’re paying to wear them. :thinking:

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Funnily enough, my Naim dealer wears a Focal tee shirt.

Apparently easier to get, apparently… :flushed:

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How about a free T-shirt for forum members after a years membership and predefined activity level


You can’t even buy one, never mind one for free.


Be patient Pete. Unfortunately the Covid situation has likely set this one back a while. The planned initial show sales were in order to do research and get feedback on a limited stock of items - but of course, with no shows, no research or feedback. So hopefully the project will get back on course next year.


Surely could have taken a punt on some t-shirts Richard.
Some Fruit of the Loom t-shirts with a print on the front isn’t exactly something that needs much R&D😂

Unless you wanting them made by Prada and selling in Harrods!? :rofl:

Popeye, I’m sure there are other logistical issues with this. Not least with so many working from home…

Yes I was taking the “P” :+1:t2::crazy_face:


They are probably waiting to launch the new styling with the Uniti logo…

And when they are back they’re just sold at the shows which for those outside of the UK it makes it impossible.

It seem obvious there’s a demand, I thought during this time of chaos would have been a good time.

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I would be more than happy to be a walking signage for naim down under. Perhaps if many more jump on the naim bandwagon, it might get a bit cheaper, more support, more marketing, trade shows, etc.

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I remember when Musical Fidelity boss Michael What’shisname gave a load of watches away. He was apparently a big watch fan, and had a shed load made. They were given away. I had about 3!
All quartz, complete junk. Put the on ebay , and they went for far more than they should have. Nice gesture I guess.