Naim Mu-So 2nd a big disappointment

I have bought my first Naim product and I must say that I am incredibly disappointed. After testing the Mu-So QB 2nd at the home of a friend of mine, I decided to buy Naim. My choice was Naim Mu-So 2nd.

I have a relatively large open living room (60m2) where I placed this on a sideboard. It was a sad experience. It was simply a terrible bad sound. I had read quite a few articles online and it mostly got top feedback and rating. I was so disappointed that I brought this up with the seller. He thought someone must be wrong and offered to come to my house for a check. After the visit, the conclusion was that there was nothing wrong with the product. Disappointment again! No dynamics, sharp treble and miserable bass!

I have now moved Mu-So 2nd down into my TV room and even there I am not happy with the sound!
My old Bluesound is now back in the living room and I’m happy again.

Conclusion: Naim Mu-So 2nd is an overpriced product that should cost less than half.

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So sorry to hear this. In the end of course your ears are the most important. No doubt you will get several more responses offering various help, but in the meantime can I ask how many hours it has been run in for?

Several hours every day for almost 2 months

You heard the Mu-so QB at the friend’s place and liked it enough to buy a Mu-so for yourself. Now it doesn’t work as expected for whatever reason. Your conclusion is that it is overpriced crap.

The logic is not without holes.


Listen to it in a smaller and different room. One thing is for sure. It is not worth the price!

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Yeah that’s one factor. If I listen to speakers that cost 200K in a large room and then they don’t work in my own small room, that doesn’t make the speakers overpriced either.


What do you use as the source?

I take it the same problem occurs with a variety of music eg pop, jazz, classical, just acoustic?

Try using some decoupling pads under the unit.

The muso is maybe suitable for the bathroom or kitchen, not for a big open space.

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I’ve tried all kinds of music genres.

I have vibration pads under it.

What was the seller’s explanation for / opinion on the no dynamics, sharp treble, and miserable bass?

Personally I never heard that with a Mu-so, it sounds great for what it is in a friend’s 25 sqm living room. Never heard it in a 60 sqm room though

He concluded that the room was too large for Mu-So 2nd.

I see, thanks. He may be right then

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Yes, but even in the TV room which is approx. 20 m2, the sound is bad in my ears. There was better sound when I had my Bluesound Soundbar 2i connected, which costs half as much.

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I don’t know why. Every time I hear the friend’s Mu-so every few months I am surprised by how good it sounds for what it is. Ears and expectations differ and we have seen people on the forum who were disappointed because a Bose has more overblown bass than a Mu-so. Not saying that this is the case with you, but it’s just impossible to hear what you are hearing in your room.

This doesn’t sound like a Naim product to me. I would take it to a local dealer and ask them to compare it with their demo one.

I have the Muso (1st gen) and it certainly doesn’t have a sharp treble, if anything if i was to critise
i find it quite “polite” compared the rest of my naim gear and the bass is certainly not lacking.

I think I have a good ear for sound. Have listened to many good sound systems over the years, but this is not good.

In the living room today I have a pair of B&W XT4 speakers connected to the Bluesound PowerNode 2i and although this can not be compared directly with the Mu-So 2nd, the sound is like night and day.

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It seems strange. When your seller was there, did he have another Mu-so with him to compare?

Yes, but maybe, just maybe, and highly likely, it could be faulty.