Naim Mu-So 2nd a big disappointment

No, but he mainly sells Naim products, so I trust he knows what the sound should be like.

I wouldn’t necessarily rely on that. Did he know about the 60 sqm room when he sold it to you?

As I see it, two possibilities:

  • Something is not right with your Mu-so and your seller is wrong.
  • Your seller is right and it sounds like it should, including the 20 sqm TV room, then your expectations simply seem different, because a well-working Mu-so definitely does not have no dynamics, sharp treble, and miserable bass
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…but what can you expect from sound out of a box, compared to a pair of speakers.

I always took care to add that it’s great “for what it is”. Of course I expect my system to be better and it is. But the Mu-so always surprises me by what comes out of it and if I had to describe it, “no dynamics, sharp treble, miserable bass” would never have crossed my mind.

I’ve had mine for almost a year. I wasn’t thrilled with the sound originally, but things got better - much better - over time. I have it in a relatively small bedroom, where it serves double duty as a music player and sound bar. When used as a sound bar, the bass often gets boomy, but I blame that on the source.

Are you able to show us how you positioned it either room? They are a bit Jekyll and Hyde with regards to performance in certain locations. For example they like to fire out into open space so set far back on a table with a foot of reflective hard surface in front of them isn’t great.

And as some have said, they do take some time to run in. A couple weeks greatly changes the presentation.

You clearly don’t like the Muso QB, so I suggest you buy something you do like.
I love all of my Muso QB’s which always, to my ears, way outperform their size.
I happily listen to my QB’s when I don’t have access to my main, multi-box (& very expensive) active Naim system, so I guess we all have different preferences for sound.


You may find a 252/Supercap/250 DR more to your liking.

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I have a 1st generation Muso in my bedroom (about 16sqm) and it sounds great (for what it is). I wouldn’t think it would work in a 60sqm room !

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Could you possibly take your Muso to your friends to check it still sounds the same as theirs?

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I think the friend has a Qb and the OP has the larger Mu-so, but it would certainly be a good check

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I have two Qb2 one in the bedroom and one in the living room. I’m very impressed by the sound of them. I’ve never heard the “big” Mu-So. But the Qb2 is a fantastic all in one system well worth the money. Well done Naim! Really hope You soon will be satisfied with Your Mu-So.

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My Mu-So 2 has plenty of bass, no harsh treble either.

One thing puzzles me. Did you enjoy your friend’s QB? Since you went on to buy a MuSo I presume so, in which case, unless your Muso is faulty, the problem is the interaction between it and your very large room. Sadly, I think you’ve chosen the wrong tool for the job rather than the tool itself being useless.

I suspect you’re going to have to chalk it up to experience and go for something else. Perhaps your dealer can help you to minimise the pain in making that change.


So, you are telling him his opinion, and his ears, are wrong. For God’s sake, why do you bother?!

No I am not telling him that. It’s just that his conclusion was not the only possible one.
(And if i did - sometimes our opinions are wrong, so what, I hope someone tells me when mine are)

i have a muso2 in a 50sq m room and it is fine for me - but i mostly listen to classical and acoustic so don’t ask quite as much of the muso


I wonder what you’re expecting from an all in one the size of a shoe box in a 60 m2 room?… :face_with_monocle:


Set up is vitally important with the original muso that I have, and I would assume the same applies to muso2. I find that an inch too far forward or too close to the rear wall can dramatically affect the sound. Also as mentioned earlier the muso needs to be far enough forward on it’s stand so the speaker grille is overhanging and has nothing obstructing it. These couple of things can be easily tried and will cost nothing.


What a crass statement from someone who has just bought a “box”.

You seem to be abusing the forum and all the members who are trying to assist you.