Naim Mu-So 2nd a big disappointment

return to shop?

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Sorry to hear about the disappointment. I can only report mine is brilliant. I’m a 35 year Naim user and not blindly loyal however. I bought one without a demo after reading up in many places. We wanted one for our apartment here in Germany as our full system is in the UK. Its on a brick window ledge facing into about a 8 by 7 meter sitting / tv area. To my ears its smooth, dynamic and clean sounding. After 2 colleagues heard it they both bought one and report the same findings as me. We also use it as a tv soundbar thing over an optical caple.

60sqm is a very big room. A little box of speakers is up against the laws of physics to fill it with sound.


I think that the OP may be not wrong. The Muso is a nice piece of kit, but you pay the design.
In a kitchen or bathroom, why not. But in a room or living room, for the price asked ( 1600 euros), you can have a much better sounding system for sure, with something like a Bluesound node, a little integrated amp and bookshelves speakers.

Like that: for same money.

Bluesound node 2i with BW 707.


The 707 pair alone is around 1200 euros in Germany. And I think this is a Powernode, streamer with amp, 1000 euros. It’s certainly possible or even likely that it’s more satisfying in this setup and the big room.

(Though in the small room I still don’t know how it can sound so bad as described)

Just a couple of thoughts, that you might already have investigated.

1 Inside SETTINGS have you tried switching LOUDNESS on and off?
2 Inside settings, have you investigated ROOM setting?

I asked about your SOURCE
Do you use an Ethernet cable or wireless
Where do you stream your music from?
I assume the music is from ripped cds or perhaps hi-res music?

Finally, I own a muso, use it in a small room.

Yes, it is expensive for what it does, but it does produce enjoyable music from a very small box.
I would not recommend one, at full price, but I am glad that I bought mine, I thoroughly enjoy it - I just forget about it’s price.

It does sound as though your unit might be faulty, it really should present you with decently tuneful and enjoyable music, perhaps you could visit a dealer and get their view?

Anyway, I hope that you sort it out.

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I see that combo for 1800 euros here in an online shop.

I see, maybe a special bundle price? (To be fair to the Mu-so, I am seeing offers for 1000 euros as well, new with open packaging)

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Hi, I first heard a muso 1st edition in a john lewis store and was surprised with the Bass output,
Although i haven’t heard the 2nd edition.
But it never sounded bright.

so sell it and move on.


I have a Muso gen1 in my 30 square m kitchen. It fills the room with sound with great bass and I would never describe it as bright, always very smooth in the upper frequencies. Very enjoyable and surprising performance from such a small box.


I wanted a Muso QB2 when they were $1400 here in Australia. Now they are $1800. So not worth it. I think I’d rather buy a pair of sonus faber lumina 1’s for $1500 and just look at them until I could afford something to play music through them.


I use my Mu-so 2 for the TV in my bedroom and in the summer take it outside for use on the deck. I think it sounds great, and for reference I also have a decent Atom office system and a full top shelf Classic series system. The Mu-so and Mu-su Qb are pretty big bang for the buck IMHO.

Excruciating! I mean, they are good but $1400?! Nope $1800? I think Aus and NZ are just punished for wanting nice things at times.

Back on topic. My Qb2 was powered off for a couple months and last night I fired it up again. What I had never noticed was how much it benefits from warmup from cold. It was, honestly, rubbish for 30 minutes after plugging it back in before it opened up again. And then it sounded how it was supposed to. I’d never really powered one off before fully aside from moving home so never noticed this.

A few observations,

  • room seems quite large

  • for source, the OP said they played different genres.
    (My uq2 hates playing lower bit MP3 files)

  • muso and similar are more “lifestyle” products,
    That’s not an excuse, but it’s not a critical listening
    Item, as some have said “for what it is”

  • if the seller is a shop, return item and have them
    test it.

Worst case, this is a really unfair bad purchase, that sucks, but at least you are not dead and now you can learn from the experience.

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I got the Lumina II, awesome little speaker, pairs nicely with the atom too. Do you still have the Atom Mark?

Back on topic though, sort of, the Qb2 i picked up for my mother, sounds incredible. Not cheap, but definitely worth it IMHO.

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No I don’t still have an Atom but my plan is to get one again to pair with a small set of speakers for a second system in the spare room. They are just such great value for money, particularly second hand. I’ve now come to realise how good they are after buying an NDX2. The NDX is really good, but it puts the Atom in a whole new perspective as for what you get for your money. Especially when driving the right speakers.


Good son . :smile:


I read this thread quickly but I did not see a response on the question of source material. Sometimes my Muso 2 sounds fantastic, and I do not miss separates. At other times, with different sources, it is merely adequate. YMMV

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The sound description of the OP would never have occured to me with Mu-So products either. I have it in the bedroom (listening to it as I type this), it was also my first Naim, and a Qb in the kitchen, both 2nd generation. Sounds fantastic to me for their size. Certainly not cheap, but apart from sound, I also got them because of their design and interface. Really enjoyable! Apart of some of the comments about checking source, settings, etc, what puzzles me most is the idea to use this in such a big room and expect great results. By the way, how is the room fitted? But in any case such room volume will need something much more massive to move all that air.

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