Naim Muso 2. Gen

I have Muso Qb, Uniti, Uniti Star and just upgrade my Muso 1. Gen to 2. Gen - its on latest firmware.

How do I know that I upgraded - well I get new errors.

I get Streamer not responding on my phone app, white light on phys. device. Never got this on Muso-1st gen, same router, same location.

power-off, if justs spins…
power-off wait 24 hours, it plays
plays for 30 min - stops
hangs again
go to first power-off - tomorrow I can hear music again , or I can use network cable, but wifi was supposed to be equal or better than 1st gen…

I hope there are more firmware upgrades coming out soon, else I will have to go back to 1st generation again.

Seems to be 5Ghz dynamic channels might be causing this, but Naim should be able to handle this, like other wifi devices.

“Not having the use of the DFS WiFi channels causes a lot of problems with Muso WiFi connections as you can see from this topic.
This is especially true if the Muso is part of any newer DFS certified WiFi network that also automatically selects those channels for optimal throughput. Doing immediately prevents the Muso from reconnecting - apparently for no reason for a lot of people. It can cause a lot of frustration!”


Thanks, seen this. Its not a problem my 1st gen muso and muso qb, or uniti star, just muso 2nd gen. Hope Naim can fix this in firmware and not having to make yet another generation!!!

I doubt they will (or can) fix this in firmware. At least they haven’t done so in quite a while.
I had the same with my Atom (later swapped for Nova), when I upgraded my router a couple of years back. (The previous one seemingly did not yet use the channels affected by DFS.)
I switched the device to 2.4 GHz and it’s perfectly stable. (I use split-SSID in my network to be able to steer devices to either or. Alternatives would be using a cable or limiting the 5 GHz bands your router selects. Not sure, if you could configure routers to force a device into either or.)

It’s a bit unfortunate, but usually not a deal breaker once you know the reason. (Until then it’s a bit infuriating.)
Though it should reconnect on its own; but for me e.g. internet radio stopped.

1st gen did not have the problem, since it was 2.4 GHz only to start with. (Which supports the hope, the new device in the same spot will work as well.)
Star should have similar behavior, but it may also depend on the use case of if and what you stream, when the interruption happens.

Try a hard-reset to factory settings.

  1. Disconnect the unit from the mains power (switch off at the wall);
  2. Disconnect any connected devices, and associated cables, you can leave the ethernet cable connected;
  3. Press and hold the reset pinhole button - side;
  4. Reconnect mains power while holding the above reset button;
  5. Wait 2 seconds, then release the reset button;
  6. Wait 60 seconds for the streaming card to boot (indicated by LED changing to blue on Mu-so 2)
  7. Short press the side pinhole button;
  8. Wait 2 minutes or until the final part of the update has finished, and the unit is booted and operational.

My muso 2 struggled to work on wifi at times too. In the end it stopped working at all on wifi. Spoke to support who confirmed a common fault. So it had to be returned for a fix.

I have a Muso Gen 1 and the above prompted me to check the software version - however when I select Check for Updates the app kicks me out but doesn’t actually close - so goes nowhere. I did the turn off and on thing but still the same. All suggestions welcome!

Also I was considering moving to Qobuz but note there is no Qobuz input - but there is on my Muso Qb and ND5 XS2 - why might that be?


1st gen streamers don’t support Qobuz. You would need to use Airplay or Chromecast.

Thanks for clarifying - I thought it might be the case but wanted to check.