Naim Muso just stops at certain MP3 files

I have WD cloud server with playlists and an MP3 collection with varying bit rates. The server connects with a MuSo via BT Hub 2. I use both IPAD and Android Naim Apps with the MuSo.
MuSo firmware is V2. Android app is up to date.

All of my MP3 files and playlists on the server will play correctly on various PCs, Laptops, Tablets and a Bose wave system around the house with no trouble.

I found the Muso just stops when it encounters certain MP3 files. In two cases I had to re-read and re-write the MP3 files from 256 to 320 bit rate for the MuSo to work. In one case I just gave up. It has no special characters in file name and is already at 320 bit rate.

I have to say (when it is working) the sound on the MuSo is fantastic but the Apps and software just seem let it all down.

Does anyone have ideas about why only certain MP3 files will not play on the MuSo?

Hi, maybe it’s joint stereo? These won’t play on the gen 1 muso

Can you analyse the files that won’t play and post the attributes.

Hi Robert,

It was downloaded from 7Digital along with others in same directory that do play. I’m fairly sure it is regular 2 channel stereo. Also works fine on every other network player I have.


Can you download e.g. foobar2000 and open up the offending mp3 files in that?
That will allow you to see more information about the file/mp3 format.
right click on an opened file, choose “properties”

then click on “details”
e.g. you’ll see this mp3 file of mine is “joint stereo”. I think this one was a free download from amazon after buying the vinyl lp.

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Hi Again Robert.

Thankyou very much Robert! It was indeed “joint stereo”
I loaded it into Audacity and exported it as a new MP3. This new one shows as “stereo” and works normally…Hurray.

So “joint stereo” needs to be avoided on Muso V1 right?

ps Also thanks for the tip about “foobar2000”. I’ll keep that now in case I have more files with the same problem.
pps Naim need to look at reporting this error inside the App instead of just stopping.

No problem, it was an educated guess based on previous experience. What I’ve yet to determine is if it’s possible to undo the file and convert to normal stereo without losing any data. It’s already lossy, and running a conversion to mp3 again would usually throw away more data. You might be able to convert to flac which is lossless so I imagine it will keep all the data from the mp3 though the file will grow in size.

I should probably scan and remove the joint stereo mp3 files in my own collection, which is predominantly lossless flac.

Looking at the 7digital website, it offers mp3 and m4a for the same price. Does it let you download the files again? And if so, can you choose m4a instead?

Hi Robert, Most of my 7Digital will be at full Stereo 320 bits but my worry is I have around 8000 files dating back many many years. Is there a tool which displays/filters by stereo setting on W10 or Linux PC?
What causes the bug in MuSo V1 that it cannot play “joint stereo”. Are there any firmware versions which fix this bug? or any prospects for fixes in future versions from Naim?

Thanks John

Here is part of the reply I received from Naim:-

Interestingly, your original file does play as expected on our current platform streamers, so I will raise a ticket for the attention of the development team.

To set expectations, the gen 1 Mu-so is no longer being actively developed, so changes being made to the firmware now are less likely. My suggestion would be to try re-encoding the files if possible. dBPoweramp has a batch converter that could be used to convert your Audiobook library recursively. If you take this route; since most audiobooks including the track you sent don’t contain stereo content, I also recommend encoding to mono to reduce file size.

Hello NogBadTheBad. Can you advise the ticket number? The point is “Joint Stereo” was and still is used quite a lot. I have examples purchased from Amazon, Virgin and 7 Digital. If the Muso V1 cannot play these files or even operate without freezing up then it is a BUG. The specification literature for Muso version 1 clearly states it can play “MP3” files and in the case of “Joint Stereo” it cannot.
p.s. Every other player on the market that I have tested e.g. Bose waveform, Windows media player, Groove music, VLC, Foobar2000, VW ents system, BMW ents system can all play “joint stereo” without crashing. You cannot expect masses of users to change their music collections for what appears to be a singular bug in the Naim Muso 1 firmware.
p.p.s I have my suspicions that this bug was introduced in firmware version 2 but cannot be sure.

There was no ticket, Will from Naim contacted me via a PM.

What are you using to streaming from ?

Hi Nog,
As shown at the top of the thread it is a WD MyCloud.

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