Naim muso

Ill take a look. Fitting any cable to the muso is a pain. Clearly more of a lifestyle product than i thought. Even my mcru cable is too thick as it can lift the muso off its feet when fitted.

What is that platform Viciousandy? Looks the part for sure. Obviously in a different league to the vibrapods.

I made it :wink:

Couldnt resist a Muso Wood at 999. Arrives tomorrow to replace Sonus set up in family room. Replacing sound bar sub and surrounds so will have its work cut out. But the form factor and music replay is so much nicer.


I have the sonos arc so i’d be interested to hear your comparison

Will do. Not expecting it to compete on TV surround, but as a 2nd TV I’m hoping it will be more than adequate.

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As expected the muso 2 can’t compete with an arc, sub and surrounds. It was also not as straightforward to integrate with the TV remote etc. I didn’t fiddle for long , but having to select inputs is beyond my good lady who wants everything to just work.
As a music device though it is really rather good and comfortably outperforms a stereo pair of Sonos 1s or a Play 5. So it has found a new home in the kitchen. I’ve put Roon on her iPad and she’s very happily creating playlists etc.
Have to say the multiroom implementation in Roon is so much more straightforward and flexible than the naim app which to my simple intellect is clumsy.

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