Naim N-Vi HELP!

Hi Everyone, My N-Vi arrived today, bought for £300 as a one owner unit, fully serviced by Naim in 2021, new display & dvd/cd load mechanism….

Opened the box and there it was in excellent physical condition, beautiful not a mark, remote control, user handbook ….the lot ….

Set it all up, powered it up and ……apart from the Naim logo illuminating ……ZILCH !!!

No display , no sound from any input or the internal CD……the drawer did open and the CD is revolving ….

The owner is shocked, as I was ……not electrically of course ….they bought a new system last Nov and boxed this unit up , and put it in the loft……it was functioning 100% when it was made redundant …

Any simple ideas that I might be missing ???

Factory reset……if so how, no mention in the handbook and if it’s via the display then that’s a no can do !

I know this unit has a bad reputation and sadly it looks like I am finding out why :smiling_face_with_tear:

Cheers Paul :blush::guitar::+1:

Unless it’s a simple fix, I’d get it returned for a refund.

A loft goes from very hot to very cold,
Large temperature fluctuations not good for electrics,
Unless a simple fix,
Send back as it’s not as described,
Seller should of tested 1st,

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It could be a number of things, none of which would be easy to fix. Unless @NeilS has some good ideas, I think something happened between them boxing it up and arriving with you. Did the previous owner not power it up and test up before putting it up for sale, or sending it out? I would never assume something was working OK after spending time unused in the loft.

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We feel your pain, probably quite a few of us have been in a similar situation,

Good news is I have a refund…and as the unit is obsolete they don’t want it back !

Seems very sad that such a well built piece of kit has come to this end……

As a last roll of the dice how do I perform a factory reset ……anyone know ?

Cheers Paul

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It would be a kindness to let it die.


Can’t help on reset sorry
Contact Darren at class A audio,
Ask how much to service it,
your getting a full refund,
That hopefully should cover the service


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I bought an n-Vi once. It’s still upstairs, and has never ever worked.

It is the very worst piece of Naim equipment that I have ever owned - fortunately in a class of its own.

I think of it as a tur-Ki!

I’ve an av2, not an n-vi. Once I’ve switched it on using the switch on the rear, I also need to switch it on using the two front side buttons.

A double switch on so to say.

New display, loading mechanism.

How did you switch it on?

I’m asking this since Naim usually is a bit idiosyncratic. Eg, my Cd5i never produced any sound until I realized that I had to enable the phono connectors instead of din. Nvi is another product which may well start working with a bit extra attention.


I’ll say this for the nVi, when it worked, (when) it sounded really good for dvds. So yeah, you had to wait 5 minutes for the audio to lock on, but after that it was great!

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There’s a possibilty that the loft storage has caused accelerated screen failure. How did you manage to get the tray open - from the remote or using the front panel stop button?


Hi Neil, Using the remote……

Some progress this morning ……the display is working if you sit in the dark it is just about visible.

Factory reset done via the menu .

CDs are read but won’t play .

Any signal injected into any of the inputs work fine .

So it might not be a total bin job

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Emailed Class A for their opinion …

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I suspect Class A won’t want to work on it.

As @garyi mentioned, back in the day, the N-Vi was a decent piece of kit for playing DVDs with excellent picture quality and very good sound too. Entry level for CD playback.

It was a buggy thing though (i had the pleasure of N-Vi ownership for a few years) so i’d really not spend too much effort on getting it going if you’ve been refunded and it’s already having issues.

Thumbs down from Class A ……