Naim NA 322 MM boards

Hi…first thread…Can anyone tell me where I can find a set of these phono cards…nothing on eBay and tried the usual places…Any suggestions?

Keep looking online and maybe try ringing round some Naim dealers, particularly the ones who specialise in secondhand kit.

@Richard.Dane should help

I have done that and drawn a blank…I am currently returning to the fold…but as you know MC were more popular than MM…so the alternative route is a 102 which are very cheap at the moment and get a set of easily available NA 522 phono cards… obsolescence is a bad thing!

You just need patience and good timing. Usually lots around.

I will take your word for that :slight_smile: But looking for either a 72 or 102…so ambivalent…which ever comes my way first…thanks for the help.

There’s a Naim dealer in Hamburg, Germany who advertises these boards (recapped and matched!) on a German audio auction site.

I think the 72 is much better and worth waiting for Nye.

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What about a 62?

The 72 was once the top Naim pre and is highly regarded. I have not heard a 62 as far as I remember. My guess is still better than a 102 but others will correct me if I am wrong.

And what of the 32.5? Cracking preamp.

Indeed…but finding one is difficult but finding one with MM phono cards…very difficult :frowning:

Found a Naim dealer in Hamburg who sells 32.5s with MM cards and though he us very polite…has not given me any prices.

I paid £399 for an immaculate one that was fully loaded with all boards (MM &MC).

Do you use or still have your MM cards?

I have all the boards still. I did not replace the MM boards but it was a close call. Others were replaced. Keeping all the boards together.

Is that a well known auction site…are you the same badlyread as found on pfm?

Yes, it is I.

I of Onix fame…I will send you a pm there :slight_smile:

Don’t. What a disaster.

The only mm cards on said auction site I can find is in the USA.