Naim NAC 52 setup

Thanks. What sonic changes did you hear please?
Also what was the overall difference after the few weeks or so of burn in?

There will be a definitive upgrade when warmed up after about 5-7 days and another one after approx 150h.
More dynamic , fast and authentic … you can call it PRAT :slight_smile:

I very much think about doing the same with my 52. but for me it included shipping from Germany to Uk. There are a lot of risky hands on its way. I am a little jealous as you are able to recap inside uk.
Did you send it to class-A?

Yes indeed it was serviced by Class A. I’ve purchased within Europe several times. The courier services were outstanding. I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Especially Germany.

I wouldn’t buy or ship to Asia mind you. I sold a 250DR and it turned up with a big dent on the fascia and smashed plug. I imagine somebody opened up the case to check the contents and never bothered to pack the unit back properly.

I’m confident within Europe.

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After 24 hours the sound is a little more fleshed out. The Timing, OMG the timing. My last pre was the 552DR but I don’t believe I’ve ever heard Timing and rhythm like this before.

I’m beginning to think that the DAC and preAmp form a partnership. My Audio Note DAC 2 (2010) that I’m now using with the NAC 52 differs from the Audio Note DAC 2 (1997) I had on the 552DR. The rest of the system pretty much the same.

I’ll report back with changes, if any. The only caveat is, I do miss the warmer and more pronounced bass character of the 552DR a little. But the trade off is what I can only describe as perfect timing.

The lesson I’m learning once again is, there is ALWAYS a compromise in hifi.


Does anybody know the input impedance of a NAC 52?

There are specifications in the owner’s manual. Would that give you what you need?


No the user manual doesn’t show the input impedance. I’m told the Olive series and Chrome bumper preamps were 100k ohm.

I presumed they were all 47k ohm.

So I’ve been told and shown from the manual that the input impedance is 100k ohm for the NAC 52

So for anybody who is following this thread I have discovered a few things.

My lean bass was a symptom of my DAC (tubes) and had nothing to do with the NAC 52. Although the service has really put a huge smile on my face. So I definitely recommend a service on out dated head units (pre).

The NAC 52 is an amazing piece of kit. I probably could not articulate what this amplifier does best. I guess the biggest compliment I could give it is that I am now listening to every song in full. Even songs that wouldn’t engage me in the past. This amp really is second to none for rhythm. It’s very fast without being sterile. It does sweet treble but can also bring out the attack of a harsh instrument as one would experience in live venues. It’s still relatively early days but I think this is likely to be my favourite piece from Naim thus far.

I have probably done about 30 hours of actual listening since the service and I feel as if the amplifier has settled in nicely.

I have also taken great care in the overall setup of the hifi rack, cables and especially improving the coupling of my speakers to the suspended wooden floor.

The 40th harbs shl5 are really shining with this setup. For anybody who thinks Harbeths cannot do speed I would suggest you get some thick granite plinths and solid open frame oak stands on top of the plinths. Seat the harbeths on top with small wood or the hardened rubber coasters supplied with hifiracks stands. Avoid sorbathane under the speakers. I cannot believe the difference a very rigid stand makes to these Harbeths.

I have just bought a couple of REL T5i’s to compliment the speakers and bring out the very low end. I cannot wait to experience the extremely well defined thunderous drums when a sub is managing the very low frequencies. I should have the subs integrated in a couple of days.

I will report back.


Thank you very much for the posting.
Very much like to read your posts - I am a little biased, as I do have a very similar system. The 52 is really a fine piece of equipment.

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Ok so I’m a little confused. I am in need of some advice please. I have setup the 2 rel t5i subs. I tuned the crossover below the Harbs 40hz limit. Gain was set to bare minimum.

Initial impressions, the speed of the 52/135 seems slower and it’s not as rhythmic as without the subs. I then switched the subs off while still connected by the high level cable to the speakers. To my surprise I could still hear the subs. I believe they are acting as a passive radiator. To add to this the sounds still wasn’t as fast and exciting. I then disconnected the cables from the speakers completely and voila the prat returned.

I have put the subs next to each speaker on the inside rather than the outside (closer side walls).

Can I remedy this with positioning? I have to say it doesn’t seem likely.

Has anybody experienced this?

Had experimented with my Sbl and linn sizemik several years ago.
Had the same impression and disconnected the sub again.
Prat did not work with the sub connected - same here

thanks Drago. Did the Linn Sizmik have a high level input?

Yes it does … think so.

Sorry Khan, would like to address a question here.
Have found a prefix and In some time I have to connect it to my 52.

How is this done?
Can I use one of the inputs (cd / tuner / tape)? Think not.
I know I can use aux 2 as this also powers the prefix.
But I have a spare hiCap.
When I use prefix with hiCap, what input should I use?
I do have some pass-through boards lying around. Plug them in and use phono input? But phono input is bnc…

Do I need an extra 4 to 5 cable for connection of highcap to 52…

Thanks for an advice and sorry khan.

You power the Prefix from Hicap socket 4 and then use a 4 to 5 pin interconnect (not a Snaic) from Hicap socket 3 to any of the line level inputs on the preamp.

Thanks… is this the same cable as from hi cap to pre amp in a standard setup as 72/hiCap…
I think I have one spare one… or look for a new black one… more boxes again… hurray :wink:

No. You want a thin grey interconnect, like you’d use to connect a Naim CD player to the preamp.

Cd to preamp. Thought this is 5 to 5? I have more of them … thin grey ones.

Found it:

Pic 2

This is a cable I never had before. Will have to go for it.
By the way… for connection of supercap and 52 hopefully the snaic is correct?
Connected it from the beginning and does work excellent - with snaic and burndy.