Naim NAC 52 setup


I’ve just managed to setup my system. I’ve been very careful and exact with all the manual instructions.

Now after having connected everything and powered on, I’m only getting a faint sound from my speakers.

I think the issue may be with the input 2 on the NAC 52. I’ve connected an RCA to 5pin DIN into one of the input 2 sockets and covered the other up with a cap.

I used input 2 as that’s the only one that offered the socket into which my 5pin din seemed to fit.

Anybody know what the problem could be?
I remember I had to programme the input on a NAC 252 but I think that was because it offered an RCA and din for the CD input.

Help please


I suspect you have a rca to din cable that’s wired at the din end for output rather than input. Are all the other inputs working ?

It sounds like you have the wrong cable and have connected to input 2b (which is for connection of an external phono stage) . You need an interconnect with a 180 degree 5 pin DIN plug, which will connect to all of the normal DIN inputs (2a, 3, 4, 5 & 6)

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Hi James,

Yes I had a custom cable made. RCA to 5 pin din. Input 2a was the only input into which the din plug seemed to fit.

That’s 2b; 2a is the one with the cover.

Here is the cable

You shouldn’t be using that socket, as it carries power.

I’m not sure, but I think your DIN connector is 240 degree and you need a 180 degree source cable. That would explain why you cannot fit the DIN in the usual source inputs on your 52.

Yes, 240 degree - khan84 needs an RCA to 180 degree 5 pin DIN cable.

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Hi which input should I be using?

You have the wrong din plug. It should be a 180 degree (all the pins on one half of the circle) rather than a 240 degree. It will then fit any of the other inputs.

Thanks guys. I’ve contacted the manufacturer. This was really puzzling me. Glad you Naimees knew your sh**


What source are you connecting to the 52 ?

One would assume an Audio Note DAC2, judging by the OP’s profile.

Yes that’s right. Audio noted DAC 2 circa 2010

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From a discussion on the old forum, it seems there was a time when input 3 was considered to give the best sound quality because it had the shortest ground path on the PCB, but apparently it varies with PCB revision.

Thank gus,

It’s all up and working fine now. Yes I was stupidly plugging in the wrong cable. It’s a 5 pin 180 degree DIN not a snaic connection.

Now that everything is setup my early impressions are that the NAC 52, (in almost the same system) is a tad more open sounding and brighter than the 552DR. THE 552DR from memory, was more liquid sounding with more detail. Although I cannot say I’m disappointed with the 52 at all. So far so good. Now it’s only been about 12 hours since everything has been plugged in. What sonic differences can I expect over the coming weeks?


I’ve just had the NAC 52 serviced. I don’t believe it had been serviced since it left the factory in 2002.

I’ve plugged it in and I cannot notice too much of a difference as of yet. Perhaps I need to give it at least a few days of warm up. I am hearing a tad more coherence and there is a little more PRAT than before the service.

Can somebody please offer any advice on what I can expect in terms of sonic changes from a recap over the coming weeks?

I’d say a few weeks, from my 82 service experience