Naim NAC A5 Length

I use an EAR534 valve amp for my main listening, and I am just taking a CB250 out of mothballs to use for AV.

I am experimenting with a Beresford amp switch to see if it impacts SQ. IF it works it will be VERY convenient. I am not holding my breath, but thought I would give it a go.

I have a run of 6m to my SBLs.

I need to connect to the switch, which will be 1m from each amp.

I will ONLY have the power amp ON that I am using. My thinking is that the NAP250 will ‘see’ the 7m of cable, NOT just the 1m to the switch.


Should I run 3.5m to the switch and not count the following 6m?

Thoughts and observations please,


The Naim amp will ‘see’ all the cable length.
But why worry, 3.5m is the minimum recommended, longer is better & 6m to 10m is considered best.

Thx Mike,

Just wanted some reassurance.

Do not want to hijack this thread, but I’m considering using 2,5 meter with my NAP200 … any thoughts?

Naim recommends 3.4m at a minimum. Why go shorter and not provide such an expensive amp at least the minimally optimal cable as recommended.

It’ll sound OK & won’t blow up, try it but live with the thought that it could be better

I just changed out my speaker cables to 6 meters since I needed to reach the further away right channel.

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I’ve wasted so much money on cables over the years because any rearranging invariably means something isn’t long enough. Too long is definitely better than too short.


Where do they do that? The manual which should be the reference for every user do not state this. It’s something that belongs to the past…

“Naim Audio speaker cable will provide the best results; however, a wide range of speaker cable types can be used without risk of damage to the amplifier.”

See here:

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@Slamdam It’s a Naim thing… I have 6 m because I go a longer way around a fireplace. As far as the actual cables. My opinion is that there are numerous cables that work well. I use Audience AU24-SX it was a recommendation from Dynaudio and an Industry Pro. I also use Furutech FP202g Banana plugs these are the highest quality Stackable banana plugs I could find. I use these so I can attach my REL to my SN2… (I did try it both ways, with and without, and I heard ZERO difference)


If they cannot agree internally what is valid then I’d say it’s sales tactics making people buy more cable than needed. Otherwise they would have to write it in the manual due to EU regulations. No one can ask a consumer to find the FAQ page on a web page to find out what is recommended or required.

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From the power amplifier manual on the Naim website: “1.2 Loudspeaker Cables
Loudspeaker cables are vitally important. They should each be at least 3.5 metres long and of equal length. The recommended maximum is normally 20 metres although longer cables may be viable with some Naim amplifiers.” I use previous generation amps so don’t know if the manual is in the box with a 250DR.

Edited to add section number to make checking easier.

I have a printed manual. It’s right there on the first page, near the beginning.

Are there measurements/hard facts done to the audio signal output that shows a difference in say frequency response due to 1) different lengths of cable say 2m vs 4m 2) Naca5 vs other cable? I assume if one can hear a difference it can me measured rather easily and that could put an end of this topic for ever I guess. There’s a lot of “required” and “recommended” but nothing that backs it up theoretically.

Did you read the FAQ Richard posted? It’s part of the amplifier design, specifically. It’s more than theory: it’s engineering design. What more do you need? That seems reasonable enough for most Naim users to accept.

I’ll bet that Naim has tested the different lengths internally, and they have summarized their results with the recommendation, as stated in the manual.

At risk of repeating the FAQ that Richard linked, for the classic series of amps Naim took a design decision to have the output inductance provided by the cable. To give the right minimum inductance for amplifier stability, you want 3.5m of NACA5.
The recommended longer length is based on listening tests at the factory we are told be people who worked there.

I have a Beresford TC 7220 Mk 11 switch. I have 3.5 m witchhat cable going to it from my 135s. Then from the switch I have 3.5 m of Naca5 going to the speakers. I also have another 10m of linn k20 cable going to an additional room to power speakers. Then from the av amp I have speaker cable going to the switch.

This enables me to use my av amp for the left and right channels and to have music powered into an additional room as well as using my main Naim system.

For me it works well. I did try shorter lengths of Naca 5 from the switch to the 135s but changed over to 3.5 m lengths. So there’s 7 metres of cable going from 135s to speakers, joined at the switch.

The inductance of the cable should be like non visible to the amp in the link of the inductance of the speaker and filter? What IF Naim just wants to sell more cable just like they want to sell everything else to you? :grimacing: I’ve used 2m Chord for my 5i, xs and Supernait for like 7 years now. Nothing has blew up and it sounds great. So yes, i’m questioning this story when it comes to todays Naim amps.

You’re probably quite OK with 2m of the Chord cable on the NAIT 5i, NAIT 5xs and Supernait. These amps are different to the Naim power amps, which rely on the cable to provide the required inductance for stable operation.

It has never been about selling more cable - the recommendation originated before Naim sold their own cable (lightly twisted RS hook up cable was the original recommendation) - but about best performance. Not putting inductors on the amp output brought performance gains - the cable itself could provide the required inductance for stability - a neat and elegant solution.