Naim Nait XS 2 or 1

I can buy a second hand Naim Nait XS. Serial number 290151.

Seller says it is an XS 2 but at the back it says only XS. Also the box mentioned XS 2.

Can you see by the serial number if this is a 1 or 2?

Serial number history.

Product history

Hope that helps.
Beyond this, maybe someone will help with memory and knowledge of exact product history and changes in serial numbers

There was a XS2 that wasn’t a proper 2, it sounds like you’re looking at one of those. IIRC there was quite a change between the two 2s. Will try and dig up the posts that explain it. The later, “proper” 2 was more powerful at least…

Thanks. In the meantime found out there is a XS-2 and an XS2.

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Yeah, that’s the thing I’m looking for, the above hints at it. I think the XS had a cosmetic update, and was called the XS-2, the later model was called the XS-2. I think the XS-2 was the same as the original XS in terms of specification

There were two versions of the original NAIT XS, as you highlight, with the XS-2, being a revised fascia, the internals were identical and the label on the rear was NAIT XS in both cases, the later version had NAIT XS-2 on the cardboard box.
The NAIT XS 2 was a complete update and saw the power amp bumped up to 70 WPC from the 60 WPC in the original NAIT XS.


I only stood on the shoulders of giants :slight_smile:

Thank you for the extra detail!

The original version of the NAIT XS had the left and right sides of the front fascia in the same powder coat metal material as the rest of the casework, the XS-2 revision saw the left and right sides of the front fascia done in the Classic series brushed metal finish such that the 5 Series products we’re all cosmetically identical.


Internally they differ a fair bit, as the photo below illustrates (NAIT XS left / NAIT XS 2 right)


Don’t they! That’s a great photo having them side by side like that.

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I found the XS 2 + HiCap DR a competent combo and at that time also had a CD5I source, balanced and a decent well rounded system. What it lacked if anything was grip on the bottom end and a sense of bass extension (corrected down the line with a move to a Supernait in my case) and a tendency to become congested in the upper mids when the music got demanding, but overall an enjoyable system when balanced appropriately in terms of source and cabling choices.

Bit like this, but this is with a CD5 XS by the looks of it, I went through quite a few Naim CD players, hard to recall specifics!


For my ears the XS2 was the most disappointing slimline Naim amp, right behind the original Nait 5.

There are quite significant sonic differences between the various generations of XS. Also between the various iterations of the 5i.

A total of 7 slimline amps to compare if I count correctly, 10 if you also take the related separates combos into account.

There is no right or wrong since we all like different things. My absolute favourite of them all is the XS3.

Just to say demos or trying them out are quite useful in this respect.

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I preferred XS1 and these are rather cheap on the s/h market vs a new XS3 price, 1/3 or so.
Strange they are rather different in being very much the same basis layout.

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The fact that 3 of us all prefered different versions also shows how personal these setups can be!
I noticed refinements adding a HiCap DR as well as swopping in a better Naim CD player as examples, I then got better speakers and they didn’t really sing till I got a Supernait.
Over numerous system changes I’ve typically found improving the source as being the most noticable uplift, the NAIT XS in it’s various guises is a great performer, the only one I’ve not owned personally being the current XS 3.


I totally agree with that!

I found the XS2 (and Stageline) really improved after adding a Flatcap XS using all the supply rails for amp and phono stage respectively

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Absolutely. I’m starting to bore even myself to death with it, but my happiest experience of CD replay in a system that I actually owned was CDS3 into a Nait XS and SBLs. Totally beguiling.


The naysayers here said that SBLs demanded a 282/HC/250 minimum. Clearly they had not heard a Nait XS fronted with a CDS3 :slight_smile:

Yet, somehow the cult of the amplifier is well nigh omnipresent on the forum!


(Why else do you think Naim go to all the trouble of running the forum?)

I rather enjoyed the XS2 when I was using it as an integrated for a while. It certainly sounded enjoyable with my then ATCs

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