Naim NAP 100 vs NAP 150X vs NAP 140


I need opinion about Naim Power Amplifier :

  1. NAP 100 = 50 wpc/8 ohms
  2. NAP 150X = 50 wpc/8 ohms
  3. NAP 140 = 40 wpc/8 ohms

which one is better than another, and what is the advantage for each type and please give your review

Thank you

I have only had the 150x but can confirm it is a great amp. I believe it’s recognised (especially in combination with the NAC 122x) as a great amp for the price. Even better with a Hicap.

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They are all good
Specs/Watt not that important, age more important and if they need service, what setup to be used could be helpfull too.

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The NAP 100 doesn’t have the built in pre-amp power supply unlike the others mentioned.

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I came back to hi-fi recently after a long hiatus so bear in mind my ears have been somewhat neglected. That said I’ve coupled a NAC-N 272 streamer with a newly serviced 150X and it sounds wonderful to my ears. I did a bit of reading up and whilst I couldn’t find a great deal of info on the 150X what I did find was very favourable.

If you search you’ll find there is another regular poster running a 150X in a very impressive system and it sounds like it’s holding its own. I have no knowledge of the 100 or 140 however so they could be as good or better for all I know!

You have a 62, so 140 is ideal. Next add a hicap.


140 would be my choice every time
Really enjoyed owning one

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They are all good but from different eras. James, above, makes a valuable point about preamp power supply.

I have owned the successor to the 150x for a couple of years, the NAP155XS, and am very pleased with it.

What would one of your proposed power amps be matched with?

I assume he has 62/140 and is thinking of something else.
Adding a hicap is probably the best choice.

thank you
I think, 140 more musical plus if combine with NAC 62/72

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which more suitable 62/140 or 72/140 ?

Either. The 72 has some tweaks over the 62. I suppose 72/hicap/140 is the classic combination.

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What do you own exactly? Your profile says 62/140 but you’ve also posted about your 72.

sorry I mean 62/140 I have but friend offering 72

I think a hicap would give you more than swapping a 62 for a 72. Also depends on most recent service. Again you might find getting your 62/140 serviced to be more advantageous than buying a 72.

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For unknown reasons I’ve always found a 72 needed a hicap more, while 62 easier is left to be powered by power amp.
Maybe the more electronics inside 72 require a stiff psu.

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