Naim Nap 110

Good morning.
I recently got hold of a Nap 110 power amp
Sn 930.
I wanted to know what your pairing preamp was like at the time, and which one you recommend looking for on the second-hand market from today.
Currently I have different cables from naim naca: can I listen to it anyway? They are Chord rumors of 2 + 2 meters and Ensemble Hotline of 3 + 3 meters.
Last question:
A rear corner of the aluminum chassis has taken a hit and is uneven.
How can I intervene?


If this is a very early NAP110 with a round Bulgin mains inlet then it may be one of the first “short chassis” models. The obvious partner was the NAC42 (also initially released as a short chassis) with which it was partnered and released at the same time.

The NAP110 will need at least 3.5m per channel of suitable low capacitance, moderate inductance speaker cable. This need not be expensive; NACA5 is ideal, but if that’s too much then the older NACA4 can be sourced secondhand, or else look for Linn K20, or similar cables from Cable Talk etc.

Can you show a picture of the damage to the chassis?


I have a NAP110 partnering a NAC42 and it’s a highly engaging pairing. I listen to it almost as much as my main system and I never feel short changed when I do.

Is there any service history?

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I Also round these Rubber feet which i don’t think are the originale.

No, those aren’t the originals. The originals look like this;

Oh, that looks nasty. Your best bet would probably be to hone off any sharp edges and then blacken any exposed aluminium. At least it’s at the back so it will not be so noticeable.

I thought the same. Use a file and very fine sandpaper and then find a suitable paint to cover. It cannot be expected to be as good as new after 40 years. By news I would have already found the 42 at an acceptable price and in “excellent condition”.
It has no phono cards.
How will it behave with the CD player? Can I use some tricks to adapt it to the latest generation or post 2000 digital sources?

The NAC42 will be fine with a CD player. Just use the AUX DIN input.

okay.Thank you for your tips.
I will only have to wait for the cables since I have no possibility to find them easily, those for the speakers I mean.
Fortunately I had kept a pair of chord crysalis din rca and cobra.
The rca input of the 42 intended for the phono, without the cards, can it be used as a line or is it not connected?

It needs some cards, to work, as far as I know…

322 or 323 cards are what you would need.

To turn the phono input into a line level input you require a set of NA326 link boards. Alternatively you can use link wires (like cartridge leads) to bridge the appropriate pins. Better though to use a DIN input.

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Good luck finding any 326 cards.
Better just remaking the original links.

AFAIK, that’s not possible - as all 42’s were built with Phono Cards. As @Richard.Dane has said, you need either 326 boards or some link wires.


Forgot that. Yes, those cards were for the 72s. Only option is to remake the links. Which is easier than finding any 326 cards ( if you could use them)!

My 42.5 sounds great with 110 and not silly money or hard to find. Always worth a service by Naim or authorised repairer though.

I’ve tried NAC12 and 32.5 but slightly prefer the natural pairing.

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That damage looks quite nasty. I would be more concerned about any harm caused to components inside that above damage to the casing.
If you want to restore the shape of the case I would use a metal filler such as JB Weld, then square it off with sandpaper before colouring it black.


The conditions are good internally. Everything is firmly and in order. Recreating the corner with so little missing material scares me and I think it’s quite difficult. I am looking for rather a similar Ral paint avoiding to use the spray. I have already sanded the excess aluminum. With a small brush and matte black paint it should come a nice job.
In the meantime I have found some really nice replacement rubber feet and similar to what is indicated.

I would also like to remove the gray plastic knob on the front of the nap 110. Objective: cleaning and realignment between the hole and the red LED. Do you have to use a hex wrench through the small hole or just a small slotted screwdriver?

Gloss Black. Modelling paint, such as Humbrol, is a good option - imo…