Naim Nap 110

I can’t recall now which is original, but be careful as I’ve come across either in old examples so best just peek through the hole with a torch to check.

Is it usually best to use the AUX DIN input when feeding CB and Olive preamps with digital sources?

Yes. The pre-amps will take over 7V before overload and DIN is the best way in. The old NA328 boards are best avoided these days with modern players.


With my NAC72, I use the CD player through the tuner input.

I was told donkey’s years ago by my dealer that it was best - shortest path or something.

how do you see the Nac 102 instead of the 42? Aesthetically, certainly not good.
But from the point of view of audio compatibility with the 110, there should be no problem … using snaic 4 din

A NAC102 should be just fine partnered with a NAP110. I’ve used my NAP110s with my NAC552 and they were absolutely wonderful!


I’ve had my 102 for about 25 years and nearly all of that time was with a 110! It’s a wonderfully musical pairing IMO as both have a similarly fast, open and tuneful sound signature. They obviously aren’t visually matched, but I’ve always liked the look of full size preamp / shoebox power combos. The 102 needs a NAPSC to perform well but that shouldn’t be an issue as both can be had very reasonably second hand. Later a HiCap can be added which the 102 benefits more from than earlier preamps like the 42(.5).



I replaced the rubber feet and touched up the edges with matte black. I am quite satisfied. In vintage it must satisfy us, in the sense that the signs of aging cannot be erased.
Greetings and thanks to all

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The repair looks fine. Glad it’s found a good home - NAP110s deserve to be treated better than this old girl has :grimacing:

What’s it like under the bonnet ?

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Mr Tibbs really!

What a thing to ask especially when she has just received some welcomed TLC :wink:


I positively decided for the nac 102, it will arrive in the next few days.


Good evening.Waiting for the preamp, I found this vintage flashback sales din 4 -xlr one meter long cable. I wanted to ask you: if I replace the xlr connector with a 4 pin deltron din that I already have can I get a good alternative to snaic?

No. The SNAIC is very different and includes a 24V power feed. Only ever use a genuine Naim SNAIC.

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Sorry but no that won’t work. The SNAIC 4 and 5 are a dedicated and specially constructed cable that carries both signal and DC 24v power. Crucially though the cable outer screen is much heavier than is normal for a screened cable and the reason for that is to minimise the resistance of the ground connection, which is critical to overall performance.

New black (and used) SNAIC cables are quite expensive but would go a long way towards getting the very best from your 102 / 110 combo. Alternatively if budget is tight you could look out for a used grey SNAIC which will at least ensure the critical Naim ground system is working as intended.


NACA5 is ideal, but if that’s too much then the older NACA4 can be sourced secondhand, or else look for Linn K20, or similar cables from Cable Talk etc.

OK, all right.
I take this opportunity to ask you in addition to the names already mentioned if there are other speaker cables worthy of being included in the list.
Thank you

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this would be ideal.

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Yes that’s what you need :+1: