Naim nap 250-2 identification

Hi newbie question , a littl confused over the nap 250-2 , i know the naim 250 was olive , does this mean the original classic 250 is a mk2 or is there another model in between am I right in assuming the range is
250 olive
250 -2 new casework from 2002 on
250 dr
New “ new “ classic current model
Thanks in advance

The very first NAP250s were produced in the Chrome Bumper years.

Hi Graham my reason for asking is I’m on look out for a 250-2 , am I right in assuming all non dr classic casework is this , some are clearly marked as 250-2 and some just 250

The 250-2 is a development - and therefore presumably an upgrade - of the NAP250, introduced in the early 2000s, I believe, with newer transistors and uprated internal power supply.

TomTom Audio (St Albans) have a couple for sale, if you’re looking. (Have a word with James Allney there. He’s very helpful and a real gent!)

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I doubt many see the 250-2 i.e. the pre dr version as an upgrade. It is often not talked about. And, there is a reson it’s " well priced". Now, for clarity the only 250 i have heard is my late 2005? Olive 250. I’m sure there will be a few along who love it.


Original NAP200 Bold Down case
NAP250 Bolt Down case
NAP250 Chrome Bumper
NAP250 Olive
NAP250.2 Classic
NAP250DR Classic

The NC250 has been referred to as a 250.3, but AFAIK this is unofficial.

Equally, anything before the 250.2, could be called a 250.1, but again, not official.

(to really confuse, my own 250 was made in 1985 as a CB unit, but was then later converted to Olive, by Salisbury)

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He is indeed :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Ian , think that clears it up , so a classic 250 in black casework is essentially a 250-2 :grinning:

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Classic and Black are the same thing, in Naim-ology… :mage:

250.2 is an official Naim designation, applied to the Black or Classic 250, pre-DR. It was replaced by the 250DR.

All 250’s are good, some are a bit better than others… :pig2:

Thank you , it confused me that some label them as 250 and some 250-2

Have you listened to a 250.2? I had one after a CB250 and didn’t like it at all. It’s a much slower and fatter sound. On the other hand, the DR 250 is excellent. I’d get that if possible.

As is so often the case, one person’s preference can be portrayed here as a rule that applies to everybody. In practice, good system matching, room acoustics and personal taste are key considerations that will affect choices. For example, there are those who claim here to prefer older (chrome bumper or olive) 250s, but there’s no getting away from the fact that there are some speakers that really benefit from the ability of the 250.2 to drive them better.
I vaguely recall @Simon-in-Suffolk saying that his preferred 250 was a 250.2. Others may not like it, but that doesn’t mean that their opinion applies to everyone and every system.


When I had my Classic 250.2 DR’d it was a major improvement across the board - bass tighter and better defined, mids clearer and more coherent, treble crisp.

Obviously overall system balance is important but I’d struggle to recommend the 250.2 given that the DR is so much better…

I use a 250.2 and much prefer it to the DRversion.I did have the DR at home for a while,but found it rather bright sounding for my old ears.
I know the 250.2 is not liked much here,but I find its tonal balance easier to live with than the later version.


If you want to understand some of the differences, between 250’s, have a read of this -

Indeed Chris, for my tastes the 250.2 sounded more enjoyable and organic than the perhaps the more capable 250 DR… so I kept my 250.2 and I kept it right upto my 552DR. To me the 250.2 is the more natural sounding, especially with a DR NAC… but perhaps technically less hifi. I will say however the NAC 202 with NAP 250.2 does not go well at all to my ears. It’s dull and lacking.

But to your point there are no (or very few) absolutes in hifi, tastes in hifi are like tastes in people… we are all different :grinning:.

How many times have we heard an uber super system costing more than a years wages for many… and we don’t know where to put our eyes in embarrassment and ridicule when we hear it…

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I have 3 Nap 250-2s with Nac 52 and 362. I had olive Nap 250s and CB 250s before and preferred the 250-2s. Bass is improved considerably in my system. Never got around to DR but I am sure they are better still. All Naim Nap 250s have the Naim PRAT imo.


Indeed they are.

Bolt Down 250
CB 250 (hand drawn circuit)
Olive 250
Olive 250 (mid 90’ies - change of trafo and minor circuit layout changes)
250.2 Black Classic
250 DR Black Classic
250 NC New Classic

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My ex-CB 250 is from 1985 and has the bigger 135-size transformer (500VA). I think this changed happened when the 135’s were introduced in 1984…? @Richard.Dane will know.

I do not know if a further 250 transformer (size) change occurred in the 90’s… :thinking:

Yes the transformer went from 400 to 500VA when the 135s were introduced.

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